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AotA 47: A Big Conspiracy


“I think this is the difference between a startup and a behemoth of a company.”

Here we go, another week, another episode of our Android podcast, Attack of the Androids. Mat Lee here, thank you so much for checking out our show. On tonight’s episode we have a full house, with Joey Kelley, Jeremy Lesniak, Eric Finkenbiner, and Shane Brady. Join us each and every Tuesday live on AotA as we discuss the cool Android related news and reviews of the week. On tonight’s episode we talk about the Google Nexus 7, Eric’s “free” Nexus Q nightmare, Google kills Listen, Apple VS Google ads, no more iOS YouTube app, Android and Ubuntu play nice, a cheap Android handheld gaming console, some more OUYA talk, and so much more. All this great discussion plus our app picks on episode 47 of AotA.

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AotA 11: It Feels Cheap


“I’ll be setting that thing up just to let it make me bit coins.”

Mat Lee Hosts. Joined by Seth Heringer, Joey Kelley, Jeremy Lesniak and Eric Finkenbiner. This week the AotA crew did the show live! They discuss the Android news of the week.

– The Galaxy Nexus Prime – will we ever get our hands on this phone?

– The Asus Eee Transformer Prime – Boy we’re excited about this! But only an 8 megapixel camera — Really?

– Amazon Kindle Fire teardown talk.

– RIM’s BlackBerry Playbook to start offering Android and iOS software.

– Ice Cream Sandwich on PC.

– CarrierIQ fiasco is discussed by the AotA experts.

– The AotA app picks of the week. We have Handrite, CallTrack, and more!

– Tune in here weekly for Attack of the Androids brought to you by groovyPost.com.