AotA 95: Earth World Problems


“We have the placebo effect, it’s called the iPhone.”

It’s birthday time all around here on AotA. Thanks for checking out episode 95. Mat Lee here joined with Eric Finkenbiner, Nick Carroll, Shane Brady, Seth Heringer, and Steve Giralt. On tonight’s episode we discuss the latest Android news of the week including the Moto X, spec wars, new Google Play Services, Waze, the Chromecast, a failed Ubuntu Edge fundraiser, this week’s app picks and so much more. Thanks for checking out the show this week and make sure to join us throughout the week on our Google+ community. Here’s some show notes.

Seth’s back and of course we need to talk about the Moto X, aka the Phone of the Moment. Droid Life has an article about the Motorola Skip, an accessory for the Moto X.

Steve brings an interesting point of view in regards to selling specs to the normal average user. Are the spec wars over? I feel like we’re at a point where the majority of devices are close enough to equal in processor speed and RAM.

There was some great updates with the new Google Play Services 3.2. The real question is, when will our froyo / gingerbread devices be able to make photospheres? Can you even imagine?

How do we feel about the new Google Maps experience? Being a Wazer from way back, I’m definitely digging the merger of these great map apps. I’ll definitely have to start using Waze more again. Want a blast from the past? Check out this review of Waze I wrote back in 2011.

Why can’t Microsoft get HTML5 to work properly, and just make their own damn YouTube app? I don’t understand this. You do realize those silly scroogled ads will have negative consequences right? You should take the money you’re spending on those ads, and pay a developer to make a decent YouTube app for Windows Phone.

In Chromecast news, let’s talk about the AirCast beta Koush released for a couple of days. This is going to be really awesome once it’s finished. Droid Life has an article about it here. You can follow Koush on Google+ here.

Eric, and the rest of us are quite curious as to when the new Nexus 7 with LTE will be available. There is still no release date, and Eric is getting quite antsy. What’s taking so long? You could always keep ordering wifi versions until you win the lottery and get an LTE model. Like this guy did!

Did you see the Ubutu Edge Indigogo campaign? This looks really awesome, but you’re goal was too high. You set a $32,000,000 goal, and got $12,812,776 by the time it closed. Next time you should set a goal of ten million and call it good. I would definitely want one of these phones.

AotA app picks for episode 95

Eric – WordHero by SVEN Studios Corp

Seth – My Tracks by Google Inc.

Nick – Drippler by Drippler

Shane – Comics by comiXology

Steve – CyanogenMod Account by CyanogenMod

Mat – TETRIS by Electronic Arts Inc.

OUYA app picks

Eric – Ittle Dew

Nick – Dub Wars

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