AotA 88: Attack Dialed


“I think it’s cool… For all five people that can do that.”

This is episode 88 of Attack of the Androids. Thanks for checking it out. I’m Mat Lee joined by Eric Finkenbiner and Nick Carroll talking about the latest Android news of the week including Android 4.3 notifications and third parties, Google Glass and the Tesla S, Facebook leaking your data all over the place, the rumored Motorola x phone, our app picks and so much more. I’m not even going to waste anymore time typing here. Just listen and check out the notes and we’ll see you Tuesday for another episode.

If you have ever rooted and put a custom rom on your device, and needed to send it back, you will feel my pain. That is unless of course you have a Galaxy Nexus, and this awesome handy little tool called the Galaxy Nexus Toolkit. It worked great and I sent back my old device. The new one seems much faster and more stable. The old extended battery I’ve been using since the beginning also seems like it’s holding a charge better in the new phone. That could just be placebo though.

If you had to pick a device right now based on hardware, would you go with the HTC One or the Galaxy S4?

I met a Canadian playing Ingress. Thanks for the keys man. I hope your marriage lasts. It’s either me or Ingress… Please ladies, don’t make your nerd guys make that decision.

If you want to check out pictures from the Glacier park hike, all shot and edited on the Galaxy Nexus, they are here on my Google+.

Who’s excited for a new Nexus 7? Check out the rumor specs here.

What do you get when you add Google Glass to your Tesla S? Probably one large beautiful electric distraction. Check out the article here on AndroidSpin.

Check out this cool article about how the Facebook Android app is leaking your information all over the place. As if the NSA needed any help.

Get ready for Android 4.3 and some awesome third party notifications.

A bug in Skype has been bypassing the Android lock screen. You should probably fix this. Another app that gets uninstalled.

An interesting article about how Android 4.3 will support lower end devices. This should help the fragmentation problem a bit, assuming the carriers push the update.

In other news, the Firefox OS creator says Android is getting too bloated for cheap phones.

The Motorola X phone isn’t going to be a Droid device. What does this even mean?

Does this sound familiar? The Pebble is going to be available at Best Buy starting July 7th, even though the Kickstarter backers haven’t all been fulfilled.

AotA app picks for episode 88

Nick – Redline Rush by Crescent Moon Games

Eric – 10000000 by EightyEight Games

Mat – Cloud Print by Google Inc.

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