AotA 86: Reverse Hype


“This phone is not gonna wow you.”

Here’s a fresh episode of our weekly Android podcast. AotA. Mat Lee here with some show notes for episode 86. On the podcast I’m joined by Eric Finkenbiner, Nick Carroll, Shane Brady, and Seth Heringer talking the latest Android news of the week including but not limited to the Motorola X phone, CPU Z, more OUYA reviews, Android gaming, privacy via Cyanogenmod, the Humble Bundle 6 and so much more. Plus this week’s app picks. Thanks for checking out Attack of the Androids.

Some more leaked specs of the Motorola X phone to talk about. Nothing that stupendous, although if you are still on a Galaxy Nexus, this might be the phone to keep an eye on. At least if you are on Verizon. Assuming this piece of Motorola Google goodness ends up coming to Verizon.

It’s sad that in 2013 you still have to choose a device based on the carriers available in your location, rather than on the actual device you want. If you are in the market for a new device, right now it’s between the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4.

CPUID’s CPU-Z is now available on the Play Store. Spoiler alert, this is also Eric’s app pick.

Engadget has an article about the OUYA, and it’s actually kind of optimistic. Shane also got his, so let’s have another OUYA review. Again we’re reminded that Kickstarter isn’t a marketplace. It’s a place for investment. Also, Ashley Esqueda of TechnoBuffalo has an OUYA hands on video here on YouTube.

Listener Jack M. joins the show to talk about and ask a couple questions on his Samsung Galaxy Tab II 7 inch.

I found the original standard size 1850 mAh battery for my Galaxy Nexus. My 2100 mAh extended battery hasn’t been lasting as long as it used to, so I put in the standard battery. I’m getting twice the battery life from my old unused standard battery than I was on my old used for a long time extended battery. Something to think about if you still have your original battery.

We’re now on CM 10.1 RC 5 on the Toro (Verizon) Galaxy Nexus. As you might know, Eric and I have a bet on which will come out first, Android 4.3 or CM 10.1 final.

Seth joins us a bit late, to talk some Android device love with us.

Steve Kondik from CyanogenMod has added a per-application flag which is exposed via a simple API. This is pretty awesome and basically gives your whole device an incognito mode of sorts. Check out the article here.

Is there room for more Android gaming consoles? Hell yea. Just don’t make a bunch of low spec crap. The MadCatz MOJO is one of these consoles. Check out this cool hands on from Phandroid. The GameStick is another one of those mini type consoles, and it’s getting delayed again. That’s ok, because it’s almost August.

Android Authority has an interesting article about Google and Starbucks partnering to give people at Starbucks free unlimited music access via Google Play Music All Access.

What do you think about putting a liquid cooled smartphone in your pocket? To me at first glance, this just doesn’t sound like a very good idea. We can do better than this. Right?

The Humble Bundle 6 is out, go get you some!

Eric explains the new Unity GPG Plugin.

AotA app picks for episode 86

Eric – CPU-Z by CPUID

Shane – Forever Gone (SD Card Cleaner) by kp

Seth – Broken Sword II Smoking Mirror by Revolution Software ltd

Nick – Power Toggles by Painless Death

Jack – Duke Nukem 3D by Machineworks Northwest LLC

Mat – Despicable Me Minion Rush by Gameloft

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