AotA 83: The Dark Side of Cheap Tech


“You got another Nexus Q.”

Android podcast? Yep, right here, most every week. We record live on Tuesday evenings if you ever want to catch the live show. Just hit that AotA TV link around 6pm PT / 9pm ET and join the Android conversation. On tonight’s episode it’s just myself and Eric Finkenbiner talking the latest Android goodness. On tonight’s show we cover rooting or not rooting, the fragmentation discussion, Fairphone, bootloader bypass, the OUYA, and so much more. All this plus Eric and I share our app picks for episode 83 of Attack of the Androids. Thanks for checking out our show!

Let’s start the show with a little face off between the I’m all done rooting my phone side, and the I’m always going to root my phone side. This should be interesting. Check out the I’m done article by Daniel Bader here on Mobile Syrup, then read the I’m not done article by Derek Ross on Android Authority here. Honestly, it all comes down to what you prefer.

Have you ever heard of the app Seeder? It’s supposed to keep your entropy pool topped off, getting rid of some lag on older devices. We’re divided on the issue, have you the listener ever messed with Seeder? If you have, drop us a comment below or join the extended discussion over on our Google+ community.

Oh goodness, there’s so many Android devices, and only a few updates to go around. Yeah, the Android community is fully aware of this point, thank you. Here’s the article on Ars that I referenced.

LG and Foxconn are looking at the Firefox OS to help break up the Apple / Google duopoly. What about Ubuntu Touch?

In other Android fragmentation news, this article by Chris Nerney says the latest cure for fragmentation won’t help in the enterprise. We sort of beg to differ.

Eric doesn’t have his tablet anymore, because he sold it. He got a new device, but he won’t tell us what it is until next week. That’s called a cliff hanger. I hate the guessing game.

Fairphone is trying to build a phone that is conflict free. We could create it out of clay and hemp, powered by citrus. All joking aside, this is quite the noble endeavour. I’d take one if you put 2 gigs of ram in it.

If you are on Verizon or At&t, and have a Galaxy S4 / Droid DNA, there is a bootloader bypass tool floating around on the internet waiting for you. This is probably not for the faint of heart. If you don’t know what you’re doing, just skip this.

Also speaking of more rooting and roms, there are now builds of Paranoid Android and AOKP available for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4.

What do you think of this article on SiliconANGLE that says Google will eventually replace Android with Chrome OS. I don’t think so, and I hope not. Discuss.

In some OUYA news, you can now get an unofficial ClockworkMod Recovery for the OUYA. Very cool. Although if Eric is scared to do this, you should be wary.

Check out his TowerFall game trailer over on Destructoid. Read the comments, they are amazing.

AotA app picks for episode 83

Eric – Censorshit by Anand Misir

Mat – ISS Detector by RunaR

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