AotA 82: The Secret Handshake


“You can’t take social awkwardness away from the internet Eric, that’s ours.”

Thanks for checking out episode 82 of our weekly Android podcast, AotA. This has been an exciting week leading up to Google IO 2013, and we have a ton of stuff to cover. Mat Lee and Eric Finkenbiner here to discuss the latest Android news including some root rom updates, Samsung and their 1Gbps mobile network tests, medical hackathons and Google Glass, a Google Play Games leak, BBM coming to Android and iOS, Cydia coming to Android, Google IO, and the OUYA controller fight. All this plus our app picks on episode 82 of AotA. Thanks for joining us!

Let’s start the show off with some root rom news. I recently got the Cyanogenmod RC 2 for my Verizon Galaxy Nexus. It’s nice. Very nice. Android Police has the full roster here.

Happy Mother’s Day mom! Here’s my old Transformer Prime running one of the more stable Cyanogenmod nightlies. Hopefully one day there will be a stable release for that which fixes the rear camera and the stability. Enjoy!

Here’s some impressive Cyanogenmod user numbers from Android Authority. How do you keep these numbers once the carriers figure out that stock Android is the way to go? Keep making it more awesome.

There’s a story going around about Samsung testing a “5G” mobile network that they say hits 1 Gbps download. Sure it takes a ton of hardware to make possible, but hey, it’s a start. This is going to be way cool if it ever happens. Assuming the carriers get rid of caps.

Check out this cool Through Glass picture of how to play Ingress in a Tesla S. I want.

There is some cool tech coming out of these medical hackathons. Mashable has an article about MedRef for Glass, which does some cool facial patient recognition.

The Verge has an article here about a Google Play Games leak. Then Eric’s computer completely crashed… That was fun if you were watching live, or the hangout re run.

What do you think about two factor authentication? I think it’s completely necessary. It seems Google feels the same way. Android Authority has an article about Google making two factor authentication mandatory. Eric doesn’t think this is a very good move.

They are called Latin Squares. Check out the page about them on GRC.

What do you think about BBM coming to Android and iOS? Personally, I think this is a who cares thing, but perhaps some of you might beg to differ. Beg in the comments or on the Google+ AotA Community. ZDNet has an article about it here.

Have you ever heard of Cydia? If you use iOS and jailbreak it, then you sure do. Guess what? It’s apparently coming to Android. Why? I have no idea. Lifehacker has an article about it here.

Eric gives us a Nexus Q update. At least someone is, am I right or am I right?

Eric is looking forward to some sort of Android smartwatch getting announced at IO. Personally, I don’t really care about watches. Watches are so over. Android Authority has an article about it here.

Let’s go over some Google IO rumors. It’s too bad that none of this matters, because by the time this gets released, IO will have already started. It’s a good thing there is a ridiculous amount of coverage of Google IO, so we can just relax. Here’s an article about some predictions. Were they correct?

There is some controller drama happening over on some forums, somewhere on the internet. No shit. Seriously though, check out this article on Destructoid. For a little synchronicity, check out this episode of On the Media for a cool interview with Niero Gonzalez, the founder of Destructoid. Anyway, if you want to check out the screenshots we were talking about in the show, here’s the link.

Play Books is a great app if you like reading on the Nexus 10 or Nexus 7. Personally I just started the switch from reading real books to reading books on my tablet. I love how everything on Play Books works smoothly, syncs across my devices, and gives cool extra information whenever I long press on a word. Good stuff. This won’t be my app pick, because I’m not Joey.

AotA app picks for episode 82

Eric – ArduinoDroid Arduino IDE by Anton Smirnov

Mat – Zombie Evil by FT Games

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