AotA 81: Scaring Old People


“Do you remember film?”

Welcome to another fantastic episode of our weekly Android show, AotA. Make sure to join us on the Attack of the Androids Google+ community throughout the week for great Android discussion. As for the show, Mat Lee here joined by Seth Heringer, Eric Finkenbiner, and friend of both YATS and AotA, Eric Schimelpfenig. On tonight’s episode we talk about the Samsung Galaxy S4 VS the HTC One, Google Glass, Ingress, Google IO rumors, using Play Books, new Bluetooth support, Windows 8 plus our app picks. Thanks for checking out the show.

Seth is back with us for episode 81, and he gets us all caught up on the Phone of the Moment. Tonight it’s the Galaxy S4 VS. the HTC One.

Let’s all welcome Eric Schimelpfenig to the show. Let’s talk about his Android device experience and what he’s using for his daily driver. Who likes Touchwiz? But look, I can answer my phone by waving my hand over it. Yep, that’s so freaking Jedi.

In case you missed it, check out this awesome SNL skit about Google Glass. Android Authority has an article about it here. In other Google Glass news, you should definitely check out episode 404 of TwiT. Both Robert Scoble and Tim Stevens have Glass, and discuss what it’s all about.

Let’s talk about Ingress a bit. Read Write has an interesting article about it here. Not anything we really get into on the show, but definitely good reading.

Hey Google, we formally request Glass for us to play with on the show. Thank you.

Stop taking pictures with your tablet. Thank you. Also, Windows 8 is the reason everything broke for Eric Finkenbiner during the hangout. Brilliant.

I started using Google Play Books across all my Android devices, and I have to say, for this being my first tablet book reading experience, I love it. Everything works great across my Nexus 10, Transformer Prime and Galaxy Nexus. If you want to check out the books I’ve been reading, I started with Mark Russinovich’s Operation Desolation, then found Mary Roach’s Gulp, and finished it up with a couple of books from Matthew Inman aka The Oatmeal. I got both How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You, and the brand new My Dog: The Paradox. Great stuff, my only problem is wishing all my paper back / hard cover books were on my tablet. I definitely don’t want to repurchase them all over again. That could get quite expensive. One day perhaps.

Speaking of content, this starts up a great discussion about borderline cord cutting and watching content on our cool new futuristic mobile devices. I’ll tell you the super easy way to do it isn’t always the legal way, but you can blame the mass media companies for that. How do you consume your movies? HDMI to the big screen right?

Eric Finkenbiner talks about being hopeful for new Bluetooth support in the next version of Android. While we’re talking about this, we should talk about some Google IO stuff. Droid Life has a good article here about some IO predictions. Oh and Babel is going to be called Hangouts. Please, can we just call it talk. The Verge has a story about that here.

Not sure how we got here, but Windows 8 on a non touch screen is completely stupid. The Asus Q 200E is a pretty good Windows 8 touchscreen laptop. I like it. Seth shares some Microsoft announcements about Windows 8 numbers. It’s because none of the brick and mortar stores have anything other than Windows 8. No Windows 7 🙁

Bill Gates also predicts that all tablets will die except for the Windows Surface. Lol.

Speaking of having everything on one OS, did you see this article on ZDnet about Android powered PC’s and Intel? This could be awesome.

AotA app picks for episode 81

Eric F. – AntennaPod by Daniel Oeh

Seth – DataSync Beta by Quint Stoffers

Eric S. – WidgetLocker Lockscreen by TeslaCoil Software

Mat – The Room by Fireproof Games

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