AotA 75: Low Hanging Fruit


“There’s no such thing as a critical email really.”

Thank you so much for catching another open source episode of the self proclaimed most entertainingly funny Android podcast on the interwebs, Attack of the Androids. Mat Lee here joined by Eric Finkenbiner, Shane Brady, Ant Pruitt and Chris Miller. Be sure to join the AotA Google+ community and interact with the crew throughout the week. If you have a question about Android, ask it in our Tech Support section. You can also email us or send a form from the AotA Contact Us page. Join us as we talk about Shane’s new Nexus 4, CM 10.1 Galaxy Nexus graphics settings, the Blackberry Z10, Minuum, some awesome app updates from Ingress, Stitcher, Gmail and Google+, the LG VS Samsung gimmick patent suit, Google Babble, Android malware attacks stealing data, how much do you trust the cloud, and a new Kickstarter Android computer. All this plus our app picks on episode 75 of Attack of the Androids.

Shane got a new device after his Galaxy Nexus crapped out. He decided to go with the LG Nexus 4. Do you want to know why? Well, listen to the show. I like how people are still mostly forced into buying a smartphone based on the carrier. Your carrier should not have that much influence in the device you purchase.

If you have a Galaxy Nexus running CyanogenMod 10.1, go into Settings —> Advanced and you can change the GPU clock speed, mess with your color multipliers tuning, color hack tuning, and if you like, choose color hack presets. These will really make your device shine if you set them right. I can also see how setting this improperly could possibly do some damage to your device. So be careful. Check out the Google+ Community for more information and screenshots.

Is anyone excited about the new Blackberry Z10? What about the new Windows phone? According to a guy I met working in the industry, his store sent back all of their Windows phones, and not one person has bought a new Blackberry. Chris Miller is still convinced Blackberry will be ok.

Check out this new awesome Android prediction keyboard called the Minuum. You can support The Minuum Keyboard Project here on Indie Go Go for the next 21 days as of this writing. Check out the video here on YouTube.

Ingress got updated, and completely screwed up the GPS tracking. You can read about that update here on Reddit. Then about a week later another update came out and completely fixed the problem in the 1.22.0 update. Check it out here on Google Play. They have also added something called Power Cubes to the inventory list, which I am quite excited about. I haven’t found one yet, but I feel the power calling out to me. Soon my precious, very soon.

Gmail also got an update that added the delete function to the notification card in Jellybean. We’ve been asking for this option for quite some time. It’s a little convoluted on how to enable it, but if you go into general settings, into swiping conversation list, and change that to always delete. Then you should see the delete option in the notification card. Great stuff Google!

Chris mentions that Swiftkey also got an update. I love how these apps just keep getting better and better. It really makes Android shine.

Stitcher also got an update. You can find a link to Attack of the Androids on Stitcher over on the right there. Or click here.

Samsung and LG are getting into a little patent scuffle over a silly gimmicky novelty. It sounds like LG initiated this, and who knows, maybe they need every possible advantage they can eek out in this Android battle. The Verge has an article about it here.

Does anyone care about wearable computing in regards to a smartphone watch? I personally do not. Not in the least. I hate wearing watches, but that’s just me. Are you excited for a smart watch? Here’s an article from Android and Me about a rumored Google Watch.

Are you ready to get scared? There has been the first known targeted malware attack on Android phones, and it stole some contacts and text messages. At least according to this article on Forbes. This doesn’t really sound like hacking as much as social engineering, but you know. Gotta get those clicks somehow.

There’s another rumor floating around the tech sphere about Google unifying chat under the name Babble. We like the name Talk better, but whatever. Here’s the article on

Let’s talk about how much you trust your cloud storage tools. Because Google Reader shut down, Chris Miller doesn’t trust Google Keep. I disagree. I mean, what if Evernote goes away? Eric brings up a great point. What if the internet goes away? Did you ever think about that?

Here’s a quick article on Android Authority about the Note 3. We’re not really interested in this, as they are getting out of control with the device sizes. Calm down Samsung.

Check out the latest Humble Bundle.

Here’s a Kickstarter for a $99.00 mini Android PC. This thing can be locked down so parents can spy on their kids. Here’s an article about it on Forbes.

AotA app picks for episode 75

Eric – Chameleon Launcher by Chameleon Launcher

Shane – Pocket Casts by Shiftyjelly

Chris – Panorama – 360 (Free) by TeliportMe Inc.

Mat – The Verge by Vox Media Inc.

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