AotA 73: Dropping Bombs


“Twitter is the platform for narcissists.”

Welcome to another awesome episode of our weekly Android podcast, Attack of the Androids. Mat Lee here joined by some new talent on the show tonight. We have Ant Pruitt, Shane Brady, Chris Miller, Anthony Farrior, and Mike Boudet. Join us as we talk about the week’s Android news including some Android VS iOS discussion, UI design, Jellybean adoption, Verizon Galaxy Nexus Jellybean update and possible Vodafone merger, Fring, Tweetdeck going away on Android and iOS, and Google Glass. All this, our app picks and so much more for episode 73 of AotA.

Mike Boudet is an iPhone fanboy, but we won’t hold that against him. He uses an iPhone 5 as his daily driver. Let’s talk about the keyboard differences, and mobile keyboards in general. I’ve still been digging Swiftkey as my daily keyboard, and the flow is pretty nice once you get used to it.

Let’s talk about UI design, or lack thereof. Jellybean has the best UI thus far. How many people are experiencing this greatness? Only about 16.5% of Android users. Check out the article here on Android Authority.

Verizon is hopefully going to start pushing out the Android 4.2.2 update for it’s version of the Galaxy Nexus. The Faux Nexus if you will. Those of you who didn’t root and rom when you first got the device will finally be happy to run the latest and greatest version of Jellybean. Check out the article here on Android Central.

There are some rumblings that Verizon and Vodafone could merge and form a super global carrier. Does this sound like a good thing? If you are a Verizon customer, it is. Android Headlines has the article here.

Chris Miller talks about why Fring is a sore subject with Android users. I was talking about Fing, which is an awesome network tool. This is what happens when you name your app something closet to another app. Very confusing.

Twitter is finally dropping Tweetdeck service for iOS, Android and Facebook. This is going to happen in May, so you might want to find an alternative. I prefer Tweetcaster. IGN has the article here.

This turns into a good conversation about where people get their news from. Bring on the hyper personal news stream, as Jeff Jarvis would say.

Andy Ihnatko wrote an article about why he switched from iPhone to Android, and in the tech world, that’s considered news. Why not? Sure we’ll talk about it just for fun, especially since we have Mike Boudet with us.

Who’s still excited about Google Glass? I am, but I’m excited for version 2. I’m pretty sure that because of all the hype, version 1 is not going to be all that great. But hey, if Mike Boudet is excited, we should all be excited. The Google Glass site has some pretty cool videos showing off what they have so far. When you think of the possibilities, it really is mind blowing.

Is anyone excited about smart watches? Yea, me either.

Mike Boudet gives us his stock tip of the night. Sell Apple, buy Google.

Microsoft added Android support to Windows Azure mobile services. Also not exciting.

AotA app picks for episode 73

Anthony – FolderSync Lite by Tacit Dynamics

Chris – Catch Notes by

Mike – Candy Crush Saga by

Mat – Opera Mobile web browser by Opera Software ASA

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