AotA 68: Viva La Resistance


“I’ll see you at the Hockaday son!”

Welcome back to another episode of our always entertaining usually informative weekly Android podcast, AotA. Mat Lee here joined by Eric, Shane, and Ant. On tonight’s episode we talk about the HTC M7, the Galaxy Note 8, CM 10.1 for the Nexus Q, Ingress, the Motorola X phone, the RIM Portathon, our app picks, and even a little dramatic reading. All this and more on episode 68 of AotA. Thanks for listening, and be sure to check out our new AotA Google+ community. Join up and BS with us about Android or whatever else throughout the week.

We have some rumors of a new Phone of the Moment by HTC. It’s called the M7 and it has a pretty amazing display, camera, and battery. Then again, it’s not going to be a pure Android experience, so unless you can root and rom it, I’m not interested. Haven’t you learned anything HTC?Check out the Boy Genius Report article here.

Mobile World Congress is coming up in February, and we will hopefully see the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 announced. How large can you make your phones? I want a Samsung Galaxy note 10. Oh wait, I already kind of have one, it’s called the Nexus 10. Android Community has an article about it here.

Eric is very excited for official Cyanogenmod 10.1 support on the Nexus Q. All 15 people who got them are very excited right now! Droid Life has an article about it here.

Eric has to go early to catch a plane home, but you can hang out with him and the rest of us throughout the week on the AotA Google+ community. Come check it out and interact with the show.

It’s time to talk about Ingress. This is a great discussion about the new game by Niantic Labs / Google. Let’s welcome Kelsie aka K-Dog to the podcast. I made her play Ingress with me the other night. She offers a somewhat non geek perspective on the whole pulse pounding experience. Listen up for some cool stories and pro tips, or if you don’t care about Ingress, you can probably stop listening now. Viva La Resistance!

Do you have a custom rom for the Hauwei Ascend? We sure could use something better than what this burner phone came with. Just saying.

In other rumor news, the Motorola X phone is said to be coming soon. Although it supposedly won’t be a Nexus device, it sure does walk like one. You can expect an announcement at Google IO in May. Phandroid has an article about it here.

You know what still doesn’t work? The rear camera on my Transformer Prime. Oh, and as Ant poignantly points out, Google Wallet still doesn’t work either.

RIM has an interesting way to get some apps going in it’s app store before the launch of BB 10. Offer people money to port their Android apps. This already happened and they say they got around 15,000 apps from the “portathon.” Is it still too little too late? Check out the article here.

Time for a dramatic reading of an article about why Android is popular because it’s cheap. Enjoy this. The article is from Gizmodo here.

Ready for a game of Better or Worse? The latest Facebook app update: WORSE. End of story.

AotA app picks for episode 68

Ant – Happy Star Rewards by Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s

Mat – Nun Attack by Frima Studio Inc.

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