AotA 67: Uber Hackity


“I think the difference is that they know that they’re spied on and we think that we’re being spied on.”

Hello and welcome to episdoe 67 of our weekly Android podcast, AotA. Mat Lee here joined by Chris Griffin (better known as Eric), Shane Brady, Ant Pruitt, and Sherwyn Williams. Join us as we discuss turning a Gameboy into an Android game controller, Google TV and the Nexus treatment, some super geeky hardware stuff from XDA, Android 4.2.2 rumors, Google Boarding Pass, banking on your smartphone, a cool new backup app from Koush, NFC Tags, and so much more. Check out the show notes for links to articles and this week’s app picks. Thanks for listening!

Since CES 2013 just ended last week, let’s do a quick recap on some of the crew’s favorite Android stuff. Then I promise, no more CES talk.

Did you see the video of the OG Gameboy turned into a little Galaxy Nexus gaming controller? Check out how to make your own on

Eric doesn’t see the point in Google TV yet. Granted the offerings so far haven’t been much to write home about, but it’s still early on in the game. Let’s put Jellybean on there, get developers to start making apps sized for BIG Screens, and call it a day. Shane has an article on TechPageOne about giving Google TV the Nexus treatment.

The guys from Team CodeFire over on XDA have released a rom that will basically turn your Optimus G into a full-blown Nexus 4 8gb. The problem is it’s uber hacky, so be careful.

Sherwyn shares with us a piece about some Android malware making it’s way around China. If you live in China, you should probably just switch to Blackberry or something. At last count there is around a million devices infected. Check out the story here on Threatpost. I think I called this way back when. Just saying…

Android 4.2.2 has been spotted in pictures and video out in the wild. In this picture it’s a Nexus 4. Who’s excited for the new point version release? How many of you think you’ll actually get it any time soon? Check out the article over on NDTV Gadgets.

Google Boading Pass is looking pretty sweet. It’s a part of Google Now, so check the update and get on the plane! Android Authority has an article about it here.

Who would like to replace their bank with a smartphone app? If that’s you, Simple has the answer. The Next Web has an article about it here.

Koushik Dutta came out with a new app to backup your apps. Check it out here.

User switching on the Nexus 10 is quite smooth and easy to use. If you share your tablet with a loved one, this is something you should definitely set up.

Be sure to come by the new AotA Google+ Community and get more interactive with the show you love. You can submit stories, talk about episodes and pretty much anything else Android related you want. Check out our new Google+ Community here.

Have any of you guys messed with NFC Tags? Robert Knight posted in the AotA G+ Community about them here.

Sherwyn also mentioned the androrat Remote Administration Tool for Android. Check it out on Github here. It’s the fun legal way to monitor your significant other’s Android device.

If you’re a fan of TextSecure, they have been really keeping up nice with the updates. Check it out here on Google Play.

AotA app picks for episode 67

Eric – TripIt Travel Organizer Free by TripIt, Inc.

Ant – Amazon Mobile for Tablets by Amazon Mobile LLC

Shane – Open Launcher for Google TV by ENTERTAILION LLC

Sherwyn – SambaDroid by Berserker


SecDroid [ROOT] by ShadowdCat Consulting

Mat – Naught by Blue Shadow Games S.L.

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