AotA 63: Argyle Sweatervests


“I’m Jiminy Cricket to your Pinocchio”

Mat Lee here, joined tonight on Attack of the Androids by Eric and Shane. On the show we talk about the top three Android phones for December, some Samsung Android rumors, Gingerbread still reigns supreme, Android malware is everywhere, getting a subsidized Nexus 7 in the UK, more devices get Jellybean, the story behind ADW Launcher, plus this weeks app picks. All this and so much more awesome Android goodness on episode 63 of Attack of the Androids. Thanks for listening!

Junior has an article on Computerworld about the top three Android phones on any carrier for December. We’re all big fans of the Nexus devices, but this is a decent list if you are looking for a new Android phone.

Do you really need an SD card in your Android device? I don’t think so, but Eric seems to think you do still.

Six “juicy” Samsung Android rumors hot off the Cnet presses. A new Galaxy S4? When will this madness stop? Never as long as we all keep buying this stuff, but alas, this isn’t my soapbox. It’s Eric’s.

Which phone would you rather drop all over the floor? Eric prefers to drop his SIII. Personally, I enjoy dropping my Galaxy Nexus.

Gingerbread is still the dominate Android OS, two years later. It’s because it’s that good right? Le Sigh… PcWorld has an article about it here.

On a different article on PCWorld, the argument is made that Android devices in the U.S. face more malware attacks than PC’s. We tell you all about why this is no good.

The Times UK is offering a digital newspaper subscription with a subsidized Nexus 7. This is going to start a pretty awesome trend. Engadget has the article here.

Check the Kies for the SIII Jellybean update. Android Central has a quick piece about it here.

Also check out this cool Android Key Lime Pie (KLP) graphic. Pretty awesome. Android Authority has it here.

Remember ADW Launcher? Eric gives us an update on what exactly happened. Computerworld has the article here. Thanks Junior!

Android Police has an article about the Google Play Service API’s getting some refresh.

AotA app picks for episode 63

Eric – ConnectBot by Kenny Root and Jeffrey Sharkey

Shane – Cryptica by Pixibots

Mat – Etsy by Etsy

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Here is the picture of Eric we were all referring to as the “Steven Seagal” look. You’re welcome.

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