AotA 49: Check Twice Save a Life


“That’s just one of the many differences between you and me.”

Hello and welcome to another episode of your favorite weekly Android podcast, Attack of the Androids. Mat Lee here joined on tonight’s hangout on air by Joey Kelley and Shane Brady. You can always check out the video archive of each tech podcast we do on this handy YouTube playlist. On tonight’s episode we talk about Apple VS Samsung, an Android powered Nikon, the possibly new Galaxy Mp3 player, Android pirating websites getting pwn’d, Google and Motorola VS Apple, T Mobile giving back unlimited data, and so much more. As per usual, keep reading for links to articles and this week’s app picks.

Joey starts the show off with a little public service announcement. If you drive a car, don’t be on the phone. If you are on the phone, make sure to watch out for motorcycles.

The Apple VS Samsung verdict is in, and the jury awarded Apple about 1.05 BILLION. It’s funny what parts the jury did and didn’t find infringing. It’s not Android, it’s the way you made it look Samsung. Nice.

Guess who’s the newest Republic Wireless customer? That’s right, drink. Oh, and it’s Joey.

In non lawsuit news, would you rather have an Android powered Nikon? Or are you good with your camera phone? Drop us a comment and let us know.

I posted this on my Google+ account. I love seeing what else Android can power. In October, NASA is going to send some Android powered satellites into space. This is so cool, until it force closes and comes crashing back down to earch. The internals are that of a Nexus One and Nexus S.

Who wants the allegedly new Galaxy MP3 Player? Joey sure does. Listen to how he rationalizes this, it’s brilliant. It’s like a phone, but without the phone!

Does anyone use Grooveshark? Well if you did, it’s back!

Woz brings the pain in regards to the HTC ThunderBolt. Is this device that bad where it makes the man who rarely says anything negative about anything completely blow up it’s spot? It must be.

The FBI really does have more important things to do than take down websites accused of piracy. They just don’t make as much money doing other things.

Does anyone care or use gift cards? Google is bringing it back!

In full circle style, Google and Motorola is starting a lawsuit with Apple. Back and forth, back and forth. Who wins? The lawyers of course.

On September 5th, T-Mobile is giving back it’s unlimited data plans. Is this enough to save them?

Check out the new CyanogenMod boot screens. I dig it.

AotA App Picks for episode 49

Joey – Basketball Shoot by RunnerGames

Shane – OverDrive Media Console by Overdrive Inc.

Mat – Google Translate by Google

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