AotA 47: A Big Conspiracy


“I think this is the difference between a startup and a behemoth of a company.”

Here we go, another week, another episode of our Android podcast, Attack of the Androids. Mat Lee here, thank you so much for checking out our show. On tonight’s episode we have a full house, with Joey Kelley, Jeremy Lesniak, Eric Finkenbiner, and Shane Brady. Join us each and every Tuesday live on AotA as we discuss the cool Android related news and reviews of the week. On tonight’s episode we talk about the Google Nexus 7, Eric’s “free” Nexus Q nightmare, Google kills Listen, Apple VS Google ads, no more iOS YouTube app, Android and Ubuntu play nice, a cheap Android handheld gaming console, some more OUYA talk, and so much more. All this great discussion plus our app picks on episode 47 of AotA.

What’s the phone of the moment this week? It’s the $99 Samsung Galaxy S III on Sprint. Of course to get the cheap price, you have to jump through their hoops. Listen as we completely burst your bubble.

Eric relives his Nexus Q nightmare. Hey Google, get better support. The lesson here? Never use a PO Box or the like when you order something online.

Are you still excited about the OUYA? I sure am. As of this writing, they have two hours to go and have gotten over $8,000,000. Now that’s how you win at Kickstarter. Here’s another article about the OUYA on Singularity Hub.

Check out this cool Android handheld gaming device. It’s only $106 while supplies last. Someone should get this for me for my birthday. That would rock, and you would go down in AotA history as being the best fan ever!

Do you remember Google Listen? You can still use it, but on November 1st, the podcast search function won’t work anymore. I guess that means you can still use it, as long as you’re feeding it with Google Reader. There are much better podcast apps out there. Our personal favorite is BeyondPod.

Does anyone even care about this? People are saying iOS 6 won’t have the Google YouTube app. Personally, the more I hear and read about this, the less I think anyone cares.

Which ads brainwash you better? Apple or Google? The results are in, and people are really enjoying the Google Nexus 7 ad.

Check out what happens when Ubuntu meets Android. It looks like a match made in geek nerd heaven.

Eric serenades us with his thoughts on the Google Nexus 7. I still want one. I would probably even trade my Transformer Prime for a 16 GB Nexus 7. Hey Asus, can we get an update please? I feel like the Prime is still unfinished. Especially where the bezel is now cracked. Make better stuff thanks.

Let’s talk about cord cutting, and why a one or two delay in being able to download the latest television shows is completely unacceptable. If there is a better, quicker, FREE option, then we will take that. This means you better really step up your game if you want to compete. Why do the content companies always have to screw the people? It’s really annoying and one of the reasons I don’t have television.

Oracle should just take it’s ball and go home. Stop trying to sue.

TextSecure Beta finally got an update. Just thought I would mention that. If you care about your sms security, you should be using this app.

AotA App Picks for episode 47

Jeremy – Bounce by ToGetHer Tech

Joey – Logo Quiz by Bubble Quiz Games

Eric – n7player Music Player by N7 Mobile

Shane – Google Authenticator by Google Inc.

Mat – MAME4droid by Seleuco

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