AotA 41: I Heart Uranus


“Think of it this way, how many jobs is China gaining? I mean go China right?”

Hello and welcome to episode 41 of our weekly Android podcast, Attack of the Androids. Mat Lee here joined as usual by the regular crew of Seth Heringer, Joey Kelley, Jeremy Lesniak, and a very laggy Eric Finkenbiner. See kids, that’s what happens when you leave your home country in search of greener pastures. You get crappy internet.

Anyway, in tonight’s episode we hit you with a non Android phone of the moment, talk about what we expect out of Google IO, Android 4.1 Jellybean, the Nexus 7, Samsung losing hypothetical sales, and the new Transformer Pad Infinity TF-701. After that we do some app picks plus one, and wrap things up with something special. All this and so much more in episode 41 of Attack of the Androids. The one I completely forgot to post. Better late than never, so tap the read more for links to some stories we discuss, and as usual, the crew’s app picks.

Starting the show off as we usually do, late and with The Pom Pom. This week the Pom Pom is that crazy Nokia 808 PureView with a 41 megapixel sensor and a nice Carl Zeiss lens. It’s basically a wicked decent camera with a phone attached to it.

We have some great Google IO rumors, and next Tuesday we’ll see how it all went. Android Police has a great preview of what you can expect at Google IO.

Who’s excited for the Google Nexus 7? I sure do want one of these.

Here’s an article on Gizmodo comparing all of the major Android skins you might come into contact with.

I got my hands on an Acer Iconia 500 tablet. I have to say, after upgrading to ICS, it’s not too bad. A bit on the heavy side, but that’s to be expected with all the add-ons it has built in. For the price it’s not a bad Android tablet. Definitely nothing I would trade my Transformer Prime in for, but still decent.

Joey rants real quick about GTA III not running on his Nook. Hmm, perhaps because it’s a Nook? Perhaps you should get a new device? Perhaps something from this decade?

Google gets the Jellybean sculpture in, and we all rejoice. Well, we will once our phones get it at least.

I sure wish my Prime was an Infinity. The new Transformer Pad Infinity is looking pretty sweet. They seem to have fixed everything we were complaining about with the TF-201.

Samsung may have lost two million hypothetical units. Is the shortage affecting you? Is this a move out of Apple’s playbook? People want what they can’t have, because people are silly.

Seth explains what he’s going to do with the new Verizon plans. The rest of us still aren’t happy about it. But what can you do? Just keep on keeping on, or switch back to a feature phone.

Let’s get into an Apple / Android discussion. Or better yet, let’s not.

I am not happy with the new Seesmic Ping updates. You want us to pay a subscription each month? NAH! It was a great app, until you pulled that crap. Seriously Loic?

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The AotA lamest article of the year award goes to PC World and Armando Rodriguez for his hard hitting piece entitled, How to Maintain Your Android Phone. On the other hand, this might be more helpful than what the carriers are doing to educate their customers.

AotA App Picks for episode 41

Joey – Solitaire by MobilityWare

Eric – UPnPlay by Bebopfreak

Jeremy – Obama VS Romney by Funplayer8

Seth – Zombies, Run! by Six to Start

Mat – Swiftkey 3 by SwiftKey

Since we’re talking about apps real quick, I want to mention the new Dolphin Beta. It’s a great Android web browser, and if you want speed, this is the browser for you. They say the new Dolphin Browser engine is so fast, you won’t believe your eyes. Your mileage will vary of course. Dolphin was one of the fastest Android web browsers I reviewed back when I went through 12 of the more popular for an article I wrote on groovyPost. They made Dolphin even faster, and I like it.

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