AotA 39: The Last Straw


“This is the best part of my week.”

What’s going on Android party people? Hello and welcome to another installment of our weekly Android podcast, Attack of the Androids. Mat Lee here and with me on the auditory journey that is episode 39 we have the crew, the whole crew, and nothing but the crew so help me (insert random deity here). That’s right, Seth Heringer, Eric Finkenbiner, Jeremy Lesniak and Joey Kelley are hanging out all over this episode, and if you missed the live show, check out the re run playing for the rest of the week on AotA TV. Please make sure you are subscribed to the high quality shiny audio only version also, and while you’re there, write us a quick review in iTunes. The show is free and all, so why not.

In tonight’s episode, the crew brings you a cool new phone of the moment, another chilling installment of Why Carriers Hate their Customers, boosting Android performance by tons of percents, the great core debate, and some patent updates. Tap the read more for this week’s fresh batch of app picks and links to the articles so you can check them out. Ladies and germs, I give you episode 39 of Attack of the Androids. Thanks for listening!

This week’s phone of the moment is the Asus PadFone. Check out the review here. Nice pick Seth!

Let’s all get ready for another rousing installment of Why Carriers Hate their Customers… Verizon intros share EVERYTHING plans. You can read about it on numerous sites, our favorites being All Things D, Mashable, and Tech Crunch.

There is a great article on Lifehacker about how to keep your “unlimited” data plan as long as possible.

Linaro toolchain claims to boost Android performance by 30 to 100 percent! How awesome is that? Check it out over on XDA if you want to give it a spin. It’s still pretty early, but the reviews are quite positive. I’m really excited for this stuff.

The Great Core Debate. What do you think about how Android uses dual and quad core processors? Do you agree with Intel’s GM of Mobile and Communications Mike Bell when he says it could actually be detrimental to your device performance? Are the cores wasted? Or is this all fluff and bull in preparation for Intel finally taking a dive in the mobile space. For real this time… Drop us a comment and let us know what you think!

Eric gives us a quick update on where the Oracle VS Google case currently stands.

In other patent news, an ITC judge has ruled HTC cannot use Google’s patents in an offensive attack on Apple. This is such a silly game we play. This might be a good thing in the end. We don’t need patent sharks popping up and taking advantage of the patent system for their own profit.

Don’t think you’ve wasted enough money on your mobile devices this year? Check out this completely overpriced, way under-powered Lambo Android phone. Would you ever pay that much money to be a Lamborghini Hipster? Nah, me either.

Check out these cool controllers for a true Android gaming experience on your Tegra tablets. Nyko has teamed up with Nvidia to bring you the PlayPad and PlayPad Pro. Play this on a big screen and you pretty much have a console quality experience. I wrote a review of some Tegra Zone games, check it out.

Here’s a cool mod that sends your apps fake data. You know, so they can’t track you and spy on you through your home windows. Creepy right?

Andy Rubin is not quitting Google. Oh and by the way, there are 900,000 Android activations on the daily. Here’s some app picks.

AotA App Picks for episode 39

Eric – Evernote and Evernote Widget by Evernote Corp.

Joey – HAL 9000 by Scott Garman

Jeremy – Yogi-isms by Virtualtechs

Seth – Rebuild by Sarah Northway

Mat – GPS Status by EclipSim

We didn’t mention this on the show but I thought it was quite amusing. It’s something funny someone on Google+ posted. You know You’re Rooted When

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