AotA 38: Monetize Hatred


“You know, I wish we had more ways to screw our customers.”

Hello and welcome to another episode of your favorite weekly Android podcast, Attack of the Androids. Mat Lee here, joined on this episode by the great minds of Jeremy Lesniak, Joey Kelley, and Eric Finkenbiner. Seth Heringer has the night off. In this episode we talk about some cheap phones of the moment including a penny Galaxy Nexus over on Amazon. We discuss Willow Glass, the combo Windows 8 Android ICS tablet, Microsoft Office VS Quickoffice, some cool E3 announcements, and so much more. Keep reading more for links to articles and of course, this weeks app picks. If you want to watch the full unedited uncensored version of Attack of the Androids, check out AotA TV or this Tech Show playlist on YouTube.

Here are three phones of the moment for you. Whether you like the HTC One X, the new Samsung Galaxy S III or a Samsung Galaxy Nexus for a penny from Amazon, we got you covered.

Did you get the Android ICS 4.04 update on your Verizon Galaxy Nexus? If not here is a good way to force it if you haven’t. In other news, it did NOT fix my wifi / 3G problem.

Who’s ready for Willow Glass? This is pretty cool, but only if you can make a phone into the a more circular shape.

Have you seen Continuum? So far, not bad. Want to know what else I’m watching? Follow me on Miso.

Check out the new Asus Transformer AiO. It dual boots Windows 8 and Android 4.0 ICS. This is what my crappy HP Pavillion Tablet should have been.

In some E3 news, Sony partners with HTC for Playstation Mobile Android gaming, Nvidia unveiled five new Tegra HD games, and Microsoft introduces Xbox SmartGlass. I reviewed five free TegraZone games over on groovyPost if you want to check it out.

Google purchased Quickoffice, and now Microsoft Office and Quickoffice are going head to head… At least they are in this article on ZDNet.

Let’s talk data caps. I’m really interested in what our listeners have to say about data caps. Drop us a comment here and we’ll discuss.

Gaming is maturing, so I think it’s time we had “The Talk.”

CyanogenMod gets a new mascot, and it’s name is CID. Say hi to CID.

AotA App Picks for episode 38 ( I personally apologize for this. )

Joey – Maps by Google Inc.

Jeremy – QuickVPN by YunaSoft

Eric – RPG Grinsia by Kemco Games

Mat – My Verizon by Verizon Wireless

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