AotA 37: Technological Triumph


“Every time the hangout dies, take a drink.”

Salutations and welcome to episode 37 of our weekly Android podcast, Attack of the Androids. Mat Lee here and boy oh boy do we have a great show for you! Remember, you can join us live each week on AotA TV and interact with us during the live show in the chat room. You can also watch the live show after the fact on this nifty little YouTube playlist. Be sure to tell your Android fanboy and fangirl friends about the show, subscribe in iTunes and write us a quick review. Thanks for listening and keep on reading for links to discussion topics and of course, this week’s app picks!

Seth starts things off with the Samsung Galaxy SIII, which has to be the phone of moment this week.

LG comes out with a screen they say rivals the retinal display of your shiny Apple counterparts. This beast is a five inch, full 1080P HDTV display.

The HTC One X or the Samsung Galaxy SIII? Which do you prefer? Drop us a comment.

Who’s ready for Joey’s comment of the moment? Yeah, me either, but check it anyway. Ready or not, here come the cheap tablets. WOOT! Here, play with this… Here is another cheap tablet, the Ematic Steal. One more cheap tablet? Sure, why not. This one is called the Kurio7, and it’s supposedly the ultimate tablet for families, whatever that means. Oh, and did I mention Toys R Us is selling it?

Starting the hype early for this one, it’s the Google Asus Nexus tablet!

Fragmentation FTW! Gamestop is going to start selling some Android tablets. These Android tablets are EVERYWHERE!

How many Steam jokes did you count? Enough steam that they can run forever. Very clever, thank you Joey.  Speaking of FTW, Steam jokes FTW!

Ladies and Gents, the Too Big to Fail argument. This is pretty classic.

Facebook is just making waves left and right. Did you see the Facebook phone? Who’s excited for this? Yeah, me neither.

Let’s take a look at who’s killing it in the mobile space. Android maintaining that top spot with a huge list of vendor partners.

Congratulations to the CyanogenMod team, reaching over 2,000,000 unique installs. Very cool, and thank you for a great Android experience. Also shout out to the XDA Developer forums.

Who’s ready for Android 4.04 on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus? I finally got the update last night, and it’s super sexy! They even fixed the Wifi / 3G connectivity problem I was always complaining about. Thank you for finally pushing out an update!

Getting fined for selling fake Angry Birds. Nice.

A quick Oracle VS Google update. Google wins, Oracle loses. The end… Or is it?

AotA App Picks for episode 37

Eric – WootWatcher by Ben Tobin

Seth – Swords and Soldiers by TwoTribes

Joey – Barcode Scanner by ZXing Team

Mat – Zen Pinball by Zen Studios

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