AotA 36: Confusion in the Market


“If it’s half as awesome as it could be, it’ll be revolutionary.”

Welcome to another episode of our weekly Android podcast, Attack of the Androids. Mat Lee here, joining me this evening we have the full cast… Eventually. This episode ran a little longer than most, mainly because of the topics we brought up towards the end of the hour. Note to self… Anyway, on episode 36, please look forward to our discussions on Google Glass, Verizon’s unlimited limited data plans, global roaming, Seth’s Hair, the $49 Android PC, and so much more. Tap the link below and keep reading for links to some articles, and of course, this weeks app picks!

Google Glass, just one. Who’s still excited for the Google Glass project? What other use cases can you think of? Let us know in the comments.

Want to see what it looks like when Google Hangouts crashes? OH snap! Jeremy was kind enough to take a screenshot of me. Catch the full unedited live episode 36 right here. I also have a tech playlist for you.

Global roaming for Verizon is slowly getting flipped on for a few phones.

Motorola makes a blog post about why they are being so slow on Android 4.0 updates. In other Motorola news, Jeremy has completely bricked his phone. I am skeptical, can any phone truly be bricked? Or do you just lose interest in trying to fix it?

Eric and I recorded another special report. Oracle VS Google part two can be found right here if you care about and would like to hear more about the lawsuit.

China gets Google to promise to keep Android open and free for at least the next five years. You heard what we think, now we’re curious what you think. Drop us a comment.

If you guys want to see Seth’s hair we’re always talking about, check out the archive from the live show. Catch us live each Tuesday on AotA TV.

If Google goes with multiple Nexus devices manufacturers, who wins, who loses? Who’s excited for Jellybean? Let the hype begin.

The Phone of the Moment this week, is still the HTC One X. People are saying this is a pretty awesome device. Mike from YATS got himself one, and he loves it!

Who’s ready for the iPod touch, powered by Android. Well, no one really, but Joey has found the next best thing. Or so he thinks, until Jeremy bursts his bubble. Thank you for that little check in to reality Jeremy. Oh, and this came out awhile ago, as you’ll hear us find out.

Is Verizon really getting rid of their unlimited data plans? Could you please make it any more confusing? This discussion gets a little heated, and I’m really curious to hear what our listeners think about it. Drop us a comment!

You’ve heard of the Raspberry Pi, but have you heard of the VIA? This thing is so cool, I want one. Actually I want ten of them. Behold the $49.00 Android PC.

AotA App Picks for episode 36

Seth – Mass Effect Infiltrator by Electronic Arts

Joey – Mafia Driver by AppOn

Jeremy – Plan B by Lookout Mobile Security

Eric – Touchnote Postcards by Touchnote Ltd.

Mat – Nvision by Dialect

If you want to check out some cool games for your Tegra tablet, I wrote a review of the top five free Nvidia Tegra Zone games over on groovyPost. Check it out and show some love.

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