AotA 123: The Not Crappy Algorithm


“Hey girl!”

It’s that time again for another episode of Attack of the Androids.  Our 123rd episode features Mat Lee, Eric Finkenbiner, Nick Carroll and Shane Brady and we’re talking all about the latest Android news from the past week.  If you haven’t already, follow us on Twitter and write us a quick review in iTunes!

We kick off this week’s discussion by talking about the Nexus 10. I’ve noticed that my wife’s Nexus 10 has been having all sorts of freezing and rebooting issues lately and apparently I’m not alone.  Are you a Nexus 10 owner and have you been having problems?

We’ve talked about cryptolocker and its use as ransomware, and now it sounds like Android is being targeted by something similar.  Much like other Android viruses, it requires a lot of user interaction in order to actually install but this latest trojan is making the rounds — at least in the tech media.  Stay tuned to future episodes for more information as it comes out.

DEAL ALERT!  Pebble was discounted by $30 at Best Buy and Amazon when we recorded live.  You can still take advantage of a $30 educational discount at Best Buy if you’re a student.


The PwnPhone is here!  Coming in at $1295, you get a Nexus 5 running a special version of Android with a bunch of built-in pen testing tools and a special antenna.  You may remember that we talked about the Pwn Pad, which used a Nexus 7, way back on episode 72.

Image Credit: Pwnie Express

Image Credit: Pwnie Express

The OnePlus team announced that they’re tweaking the production schedule for the 64GB OnePlus One due to high demand.  That’s good for some folks, but bad for those who were wanting the white 16GB version.  Mat also has a great business plan involving the AotA team smashing other peoples’ phones.  You’ll have to listen for all the details!


Do you miss phones with “prime” in the name?  Well, don’t worry because HTC is releasing the HTC M8 Prime.  It will feature a Quad HD display and even more ultra-pixels for low light performance.  Shane seems to think that Google has nearly perfected mobile photography.  They have definitely made huge strides with auto-awesome and automatic photo adjustment.  What do you think?

HTC One M8

Did you hear the news out of Facebook’s F8 conference?  Facebook is making a lot of changes with how it allows developers to access your information.  We discuss the implications of these changes on future Android and iOS apps.  This quickly turns into a discussion about social media — a must listen!

AotA app picks for episode 123

Eric – Ancestry by

Nick – Puffin Web Browser Free by CloudMosa Inc.

Shane – TVNweather Live Storm Chasing by TVNweather

Mat – COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey by Fox Broadcasting Company

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