AotA 112: Sinking Ship


“The store so nice I installed it twice.”

Mat Lee, Eric Finkenbiner, and Nick Carroll back here for another episode of our weekly Android show, AotA. Thanks for hanging out. On episode 112 we talk about the Chromecast SDK and why nothing will cast my content, cool frames for glassholes, contextual homescreens, Clumsy bird, flappy bird, Replicant, this week’s app picks and so much more. Thanks for checking out the show and make sure to hangout with us throughout the week on the Google+ community for Attack of the Androids.

Allcast has updated to once again work with Chromecast all thanks to the public release of the Chromecast SDK, but of course I still get the media unsupported error. Same with Avia. I will say Beyondpod has it together and their shizz works quite nicely.


Do you remember Realplayer? Remember .rm?

Image Credit: Android Central

Image Credit: Android Central

Our little Eric is growing up to be such a raging glasshole. Did you know you can now get cool custom frames? I’d go with the “Morpheus” from the Matrix. Do they make those yet? Andrew Martonik has an article here on Android Central. I also like how the models all look like porn librarians.

Contextual Homescreens

Are you a fan of the new fad that is “Contextual Homescreens?” Eric said it best, it’s great on paper, but once you try to execute it, it’s a complete mess. EverythingMe aims to change that, but we’re a bit skeptical. The Verge has an article about it here.

How many homescreens are you using? All of them.

Image Credit: Tech Republic

Image Credit: Tech Republic

Are you familiar with Droidpak? This thing will jump onto your phone from your windows computer via the USB. Do people still plug their phone into their computers via USB? Apparently so. Personally, I do not, or have not had to in quite a long time. Check out the article by Michael Kassner writing in Tech Republic.

Big news of the week, Google is selling Motorola to Lenovo for 2.91 Instagrams. We talked about it on the last episode of YATS. Kevin Krause has an article about why it isn’t really that bad, and could be a great thing over on Phandroid.

Image Credit: Phandroid

Image Credit: Phandroid

Google Play Books once again lets you upload PDF and EPUB files. Thanks Google! Bogdan Petrovan has an article about it over on Android Authority.

Image Credit: Phandroid

Image Credit: Phandroid

Check out the new 2014 ASUS ChromeBox. This thing looks pretty awesome if you are into Chrome machines. Quentyn Kennemer has an article about it over on Phandroid.


The Replicant has been updated to Android 4.2 using Cyanogenmod 10.1 as the base. If you’ll remember, this is probably as close to an open mobile operating system as you’re going to get, if your phone is supported. Will Verduzco has an article about it here on XDA. Check your device availability here on the Wiki.

Do you remember when Eric first mentioned the game 10000000? I don’t either, but they have a new game out. You must build a boat, and it’s free if you bought the first one.

You Must

You Must

Now that we have Nick with us, let’s once again revisit the whole Nintendo thing. Please, they are called mini me’s, and you should play with them all the time.

AotA app picks for episode 112

Eric – Epson iPrint by Seiko Epson Corporation

Nick – Wysdom Tech Support and Help by CrowdCare Corporation

Mat – Dots: A Game About Connecting by Playdots, Inc.

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