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AotA 21: Fingers on a Touch Screen


“Now I need to get a lightsaber.”

Welcome fellow Androidians to episode 21 of Attack of the Androids. We record this podcast once a week, with love. Android love.

Tonight we have our great cast as usual. Eric Finkenbiner, Jeremy Lesniak, Joey Kelley, and Seth Heringer take the reigns as we start out the show with a quick chat about the ongoing struggle of Asus Transformer Prime owners and the awesome news — There’s been an update and it fixed a few things and broke a few more! Such is life. We talk briefly about the Facebook IPO, the Path controversy, and so much more. We also touch on the war between Google and Malware.

Each week we end the show with some of our favorite or most used app picks. If you develop Android applications and would like us to review them, email show@attackoftheandroids.com.

AotA  app picks for episode 21!

Seth – HD Widgets

Joey – Finger Dance Lite

Jeremy – Wi-Fi Analytics Tool

Eric – OTA RootKeeper

Mat – Dropbox

Email show@AttackoftheAndroids.com with any questions and we’ll answer them on the show! Do you have a friend who has an Android device? Subscribe them to Attack of the Androids!

AotA 18: 100 Angry Nerds


“We want you to help us get our primes back to health.”

We proudly present to you, episode 18 of Attack of the Androids. Joining Mat Lee this evening is the full house. Jeremy Lesniak, Eric Finkenbiner, Joey Kelley, and of course, Seth Heringer. This is a great episode, starting out with the heartbreaking story of 100 heartbroken Asus Transformer Prime owners, all teetering on the edge of their seats for an update to fix the reboot blues. The Prime is a beautiful piece of hardware, the hopes and dreams of generations all kept warm in the these harsh winter days by quadcore hotness. Why does every device I get have problems? They say a prime will evolve traits of it’s owner. Anyway, there’s lots more Android goodness after the break, so take a listen and enjoy the show. Also make sure you subscribe to the new feed. If you don’t, you might not get any new episodes.

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AotA 16: Malware for Mobile


Show Links

A Google Nexus Tablet coming

Galaxy S Smartphones not getting Ice Cream Sandwich

For your own handcent database or another app database, you need SQLite Manager.

Find out More about Handcent SMS

Our App Picks

Seth: Order and Chaos Online

Jeremy: Reverse Lookup

Joey: IMDB

Mat: PDA Net Tablet Beta

Sherwyn: TextSecure Beta for Android

AotA 15: It Won’t Connect


“Who knows what goes through the minds of cellular executives.”

Attack of the Androids episode 15 begins and ends with a bang, and with it, the very last episode of 2011. Joining me tonight is Jeremy Lesniak and Joey Kelley. The rest of the crew will hopefully be back next year, assuming they don’t get blown up by explosions, or fireworks, or anything odd like that.  Also coming next year is our brand new website, so keep an eye out for that over at AttackoftheAndroids.com.

We start the show with a discussion about some interesting findings about one of the most popular Android messaging apps, Handcent. Hopefully we can have the author on the show next week to answer some of the questions we tossed back and forth. If I delete something on my device, it should be deleted, not stored in a database somewhere just in case. But, some might disagree. That leads to a short discussion on an article by Paul Thurrott comparing Android to Windows back in the day. Oh, and hey Joey, what’s RedTube? This sounds like another classic episode of AotA.

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