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AotA 96: Sanskrit Emojis


“I think there’s a huge section of the market that drops their phones in water.”

Welcome back to another great episode of our weekly Android podcast, AotA. Mat Lee here as per usual, joined by Eric Finkenbiner and Nick Carroll. Did you know we do this podcast as a live hangout on air every Tuesday evening? That’s right, we sure do, right here on the AotA TV page. Follow us on your favorite social network so you know when the show starts and when new episodes get posted. Usually around 6pm PT. 9pm ET. for the live shows, but we’re always a little late. On tonight’s episode we talk about the Nexus 4 price drop, Droid 5 rumors, the Kyocera Hydra Elite, Chromecast Flame Wars, Hangouts gets an update, some new Google Now cards, the Moto X developer edition, and so much more. Plus this week’s app picks, but you already knew that. Thanks for checking out Attack of the Androids. Keep on reading for links and show notes.

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