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AotA 106: Phone Hut


“My printer has Pandora.”

We should all give thanks right now, for another episode of Attack of the Androids… Among other things, of course. Tis the season and boy oh boy do we have a great show for you this evening. I’m Mat Lee joined by Eric Finkenbiner, Nick Carroll, Shane Brady, Ant Pruitt, and back by popular demand, the always happy go lucky tech enthusiast / whistle kicker, Jeremy Lesniak! That’s right, it’s a full house tonight for episode 106. Join us as we make fun of all sorts of Android stuff, including some weird Kit Kat Glitches, BBM preinstalled in the third world, the Moto G, colored phones, and so much more, just take a listen. Oh yeah, and app picks! Be careful with that Make me Bald app, it might be malware.

I also want to mention we have our own YouTube channel now. If you were subscribed before, make sure to subscribe again to Attack of the Androids on YouTube.

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