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AotA 69: Over


“If people complain to their city and state about their ISP, things can change.”

Thanks for listening and here’s the show notes for episode 69 of AotA. Eric would like to apologize in advance for any problems his five to nine second lag may have caused Mat during the editing process, and as much as Mat tried to make a coherent podcast episode out of what he was given…. Well you know the rest. Anyway, it’s probably not as bad as I’m making it out to be, so sit back, listen, and click on that little read more link to follow along with the show. On tonight’s episode we talk about why American’s hate Android and love Apple, Verizon trying to kill off free wifi, cell phone unlocking, the Nexus 4 going back on sale, and so much more. Not to mention this week’s app picks.

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