AotA 22: Factory Reset


“When am I going to get Ice Cream Sandwich?”

Welcome to episode 22 of Attack of the Androids, our weekly Android talk show. We have a great show for you this evening, and as we all know, a great show is created by a great cast. Joining me are Jeremy Lesniak, Joey Kelley, Seth Heringer and Eric Finkenbiner. We start the show out with a discussion on iteration release time. Are contracts too long or is the iteration period too short? Then we talk about the Jellybean Android 5.0 rumors. This leads to a conversation about why Motorola is taking so long pushing Ice Cream Sandwich to it’s devices. And much more!

Here is the picture of the Transformer Prime power adapter I was talking about. If your Prime stops charging suddenly, check the adapter first.

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AotA app picks for episode 22!

Jeremy – Buffer

Eric – Catan

Joey – Pinball Deluxe Free

Mat – Evernote

Seth – QQPlayer