AotA 2: Amazon Tablet / Reader News


In today’s groovyCast — this one’s Attack of the Androids with Mat Lee and Co – tech pros deeply analyze and preview what’s going down at the big Amazon Coyote (Kindle Fire) announcement Wednesday, Sept. 28, NYC at 9 a.m. PT. Click to play. Head to timecode 11:53 to jump right into the Amazon discussion.

What’s up with its specs? How key are 3G and Whispersync to the tech and why do they matter? What about the new Tegra2 and Tegra3 tablets Amazon plans to show up with right on its heels. Will Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos do a Jobs (or a Cash) and wear black? If anyone can grab a chunk of Apple’s tablet dominance, it’s Amazon. But can it pull it off with true integration of Amazon cloud, Amazon Prime and other store services — and a sleek UI that impresses? Join groovyPost’s executive podcaster and host Mat Lee. Guesting: IT pros Todd Ogasawara, Seth Heringer, Jeremy Lesniak and Joey Kelley.

And watch our continuing coverage here all day via live blog, photo galleries, podcasts, previews, podcast analysis and more come 8 a.m. Sept. 28 PT. It’s a huge day for Amazon.

No other company has made a dent into Apple marketshare. Does Amazon have what it takes? Let us know what you think. Follow @groovypost for live tweeting tomorrow and always.

Now kick back, take a listen and stay tuned.