AotA 18: 100 Angry Nerds


“We want you to help us get our primes back to health.”

We proudly present to you, episode 18 of Attack of the Androids. Joining Mat Lee this evening is the full house. Jeremy Lesniak, Eric Finkenbiner, Joey Kelley, and of course, Seth Heringer. This is a great episode, starting out with the heartbreaking story of 100 heartbroken Asus Transformer Prime owners, all teetering on the edge of their seats for an update to fix the reboot blues. The Prime is a beautiful piece of hardware, the hopes and dreams of generations all kept warm in the these harsh winter days by quadcore hotness. Why does every device I get have problems? They say a prime will evolve traits of it’s owner. Anyway, there’s lots more Android goodness after the break, so take a listen and enjoy the show. Also make sure you subscribe to the new feed. If you don’t, you might not get any new episodes.

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Read about the Transformer Prime ICS reboot blues here on the XDA Developer forum, and the official Asus Transformer Prime forum. There is a lot of great information on these forums. If you are having a problem with your Transformer Prime, email us!

Hey Verizon, can you please stop charging us for data service that barely even works? I mean seriously, after how everything has gone, how can you ask us to pay extra for tethering? That just seems like adding insult to injury. PdaNet Tablet Beta all of the sudden stops working. Does it work for you? Let us know!

Do you like Android Ice Cream Sandwich or Honeycomb better? I’m going to say ICS as long as it’s not conflicting with anything that comes with a decent tablet. You know, like Asus. Email and let us know.

Here is the Android developer design page from Google. If everyone followed these guidelines, the overall Android experience will be  a whole lot smoother app to app. It’s all about the fluidity.

You can buy three crappy Android tablets, or one over priced iPad. You make the call. Either way you look at it, competition is key. But, do people still buy Blackberries? This article from Android Central says Android is still in the lead.

Android Community shares some huge Google fourth quarter earnings. 250 million Android devices, with 11 billion app downloads. Gee, it sure feels nice to be part of something great.

CyanogenMod hits over one million device installations. Check out the exact numbers from their stats page. How big do you have to be in order to have an app store? I think they’re there. Androidia citizen MDS sent in this interesting article about just that. Do you think CyanogenMod should have it’s own app store? Email and let us know.

This isn’t exactly Android related, but it is something near and dear to our hearts. If you noticed, Wednesday, January 18th 2012, the internet spoke with one voice, NO, we will not let you break our internet because you don’t want to change an ancient business model. No, you cannot hide behind the piracy argument, and destroy the whole internet. We will not stand for that. PIPA and SOPA are disgusting pieces of legislation, and just like the ring, it shall not pass. Then, today, they struck back. Megaupload got served, and served hard. So hard in fact, they are now shut down. For now.

How old were you when you first pirated something? As an artist myself, I have always been of the mindstate that musicians should give their music away for free, get the word out, then go on tour. If people like your music, htey will pay the money to see you perform it, and they will buy your merchandise. That’s where you make money. The internet allows anyone, regardless of budget or lack thereof, to show the world what they can do. If it’s good enough, then they make it, and if not, then don’t quit your day job. The moral of the story is, when pirates pirate, you adjust yoiur business model to take advantage of it. The more you fight it, the more you will lose.

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Eric – Nova Launcher

Jeremy – Open Garden WiFi Tethering (requires root)

Joey Kelley – App Cleaner

Seth – Fine Volume Control

Mat – ES File Explorer