AotA 17: Natural Selection


“So what you’re saying is this ice cream sandwich is vanilla, not Neapolitan?”

Fresh Attack of the Androids, hot off the Androidia presses delivering you the most aromatic Android related news commentary each and every week. This is episode 17, and as usual, AotA is hosted by Mat Lee, with Joey Kelley and Ron White picking up the slack. We’re doing a make up episode since we missed last Thursday and testing out our live streaming capability. Everything went great, so you can start watching AotA live every Thursday evening.

In episode 17, we talk about texting while walking, cars that drive themselves, the Asus Transformer Prime ICS reboot glitch, some Android CES waterproof tablet goodness, Polaroid trying to make a comeback in the wrong industry and a quick root question from you the listeners. AotA tackles these, and so much more on episode 17 of Attack of the Androids – a photography show… I mean Android show. Did I forget to mention app picks? We have some great ones for you! Keep reading after the break for more!

AOTA Crew App Picks:

Joey – ClockSync

Ron – ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner

Mat – A.I.type Tablet Keyboard (BETA)

Do you have a Transformer Prime that’s giving you stability issues since the 4.0.3 update? Well, get your voice heard and let them know!

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