AotA 13: The Dueling Nexi


“And he still loves it after it beats him at checkers.”

Mat Lee Hosts. Joined by Joey Kelley, Seth Heringer and Eric Finkenbiner. This week the AotA crew discuss the Android news of the week including the long awaited Galaxy Nexus release.

Guess who has a galaxy nexus. we are happy to answer any and all questions you might have in regards to the third Google Nexus device. We pretty much spend the first half of the show discussing the Galaxy Nexus, so if you don’t care, or are sick of hearing about it, feel free to fast forward. It won’t hurt our feelings.

Carrier IQ back in the news with a 12 page public relations PDF. Note how they back peddle in paragraph two, and rather than demonize Trevor Eckhart or try to send another cease and desist, they actually thank him for sharing his findings, thus improving the Carrier IQ experience for everyone. Nice work… right?

Are you enjoying Google Currents? We give our reviews on this pretty magazine type news app.

After all this amazing discussion, we end the show as usual, with the AotA team’s app picks of the week. If you develop awewsome apps, or know of one you think we might like, email and let us know about it! This week we have PDA net which works with the Galaxy Nexus, GTA III coming soon, and MX Moto Lite.

Thanks for joining us, we’ll talk to you all again next week. In the meantime, be sure to subscribe in iTunes and write us a glowing five star review. Also be sure to find us on Google+, like our Facebook page, and continue our discussions on the forums!