AotA 96: Sanskrit Emojis


“I think there’s a huge section of the market that drops their phones in water.”

Welcome back to another great episode of our weekly Android podcast, AotA. Mat Lee here as per usual, joined by Eric Finkenbiner and Nick Carroll. Did you know we do this podcast as a live hangout on air every Tuesday evening? That’s right, we sure do, right here on the AotA TV page. Follow us on your favorite social network so you know when the show starts and when new episodes get posted. Usually around 6pm PT. 9pm ET. for the live shows, but we’re always a little late. On tonight’s episode we talk about the Nexus 4 price drop, Droid 5 rumors, the Kyocera Hydra Elite, Chromecast Flame Wars, Hangouts gets an update, some new Google Now cards, the Moto X developer edition, and so much more. Plus this week’s app picks, but you already knew that. Thanks for checking out Attack of the Androids. Keep on reading for links and show notes.

Prices on the Nexus 4 have dropped a hundred bucks. That’s a great deal for a still fairly new phone, plus it’s unlocked! Check it out here on the Play Store if they haven’t sold out yet.

We have a device rumor with some pictures this week. From Android AuthorityFirst it’s the return of the hardware keyboard with the new Droid 5. Of course these are just leaks so who really knows, but it makes sense they would continue making these phones. Some people gotta have a hardware keyboard.

The true phone of the moment this week is the new Kyocera Hydra Elite that’s coming soon to a Verizon near you. This phone actually has some decent specs, but what’s up with the 1.5 gigs of ram? Should have just went with two.

In the latest Chromecast comment war fuel, Koush thinks the software update that was recently pushed to the Chromecast intentionally disables third party streaming. Google says it’s still early and the SDK isn’t fully finished yet, and that eventually there will be support for local content streaming. Just not yet. Who knows right?

Hangouts got updated and the added butter does seem to help. It’s much less laggy and resource intensive than it was before, and the more I use it, the smoother it gets. Of course, the big story here is they have added more Emoji!

Also speaking of the Chromecast, Google has released an iOS app for Chromecast. Is that a direct shot at the Apple TV? We think yes.

Do you really want a phone back made of wood for your Moto X? Would (Wood) you pay 50 bucks extra? I feel like having a back made of wood would make the phone wanna catch on fire.

Wanna play with the Moto Maker? Check it out here and design us a cool AotA Moto X. Then have them ship it to me. Thanks!

There’s also a Moto X Developer Edition coming soon. This sounds cool, assuming they make it a little cheaper, like the Nexus 4.

If you were curious how to use Swiftkey, Cnet has a helpful How To.

There’s some new Google Now cards you can get. Google is becoming quite helpful in the day to day life.

The package file is invalid error is back… For some people. Are you having problems? Let’s talk about it in our AotA Google+ community.

I got the little Android 4.3 update before the show started. They fixed some security stuff having to do with a random number generator that wasn’t so random.

Check out this cool article on Venture Beat showing that around 700,000 apps out of the possible 1.2 million smartphone apps are zombies. Not zombie games, but apps that haven’t been updated or have less than ten reviews.

It’s time for Eric’s new Nexus 7 LTE gripe of the week. The fact that we still don’t have a date? Seriously? Eric, remember, it’s still early. You can wait till mid September right? In this discussion we bring up the countries that get certain Google services. Check it out here.

Check out this Lifehacker article about which Android security apps you can use without draining your battery. The answer is, most of them. Quite a while ago I wrote an article for Tech Page One about Android security apps you should avoid. Check it out here.

AotA app picks for episode 96

Eric – Paper Hangman Free by George Argyrakis

Nick – Asphalt 8: Airborne by Gameloft


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