AotA 92: American Badass


“Chromecast was so cool it just killed this connection.”

Welcome to another installment of our weekly Android show, Attack of the Androids. Mat Lee here with Eric Finkenbiner, Nick Carroll and Shane Brady talking about the Android news of the week. Join us this evening as we discuss the Sundar Puchai breakfast, Chromecast, Android 4.3 on the Nexus 10, the new Nexus 7, the Death of Root, Android 4.3 permissions, TWRP on the new Nexus 7 and so much more. Plus our app picks. Thanks for checking out the show.

The Google Breakfast with Sundar Puchai happened, and all sorts of neat things were announced. The Chromecast, Android 4.3, and some other small tidbits. Android Authority has an article about it here. Shane has a Chromecast, and it’s pretty awesome.

My Nexus 10 got the Android 4.3 update during the show. So far it’s pretty slick, although I’ll have a better idea of how it runs when I get back from Defcon next week. Is Android 4.3 that much faster? Some say yes.

Is the new Nexus 7 really an underclocked Snapdragon 600? If it is, that means you should be able to overclock the pants off it.

Certain apps don’t seem to work with Android 4.3. The MLB app won’t let you watch live for some reason. Have any of you noticed any other affected apps?

Steve Kondik of Cyanogenmod wrote a Google+ post entitled The Death of Root. To root or not to root, or to sudo root? That is the question.

Is it better to send fake data or disable the permission completely? Depends on the functionality of the data it’s asking for. It might break stuff. If you don’t want any of this information shared, Shane says to just get a flip phone. Duh. What do you think of the new Android 4.3 permissions?

TWRP is pretty sweet, although I still prefer Clockworkmod. You can now get TWRP on the new Nexus 7. Android Police has an article about it here.

Are you excited about the possible new Nexus 10? I’m pretty happy with my first gen Nexus 10, but who knows, a refresh might be nice, it depends on what they upgrade on it. Apparently it’s on the way, so we’ll see what happens.

Why can’t we seem to get any decent accessories for the Nexus line? It seems like my Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 10 got the shaft as far as cool accessories. Nick shared his cool video for a Nexus 7 Camaro mod.

Have you seen Replicant? This is pretty cool, Eric explains what its purpose is.

Is Android the new Windows 95? Yeah, sort of, but not really.

AotA app picks for episode 92

Eric – Device Info Live WallPaper by kurousa

Nick – Android 4.3 Camera

Shane – Wakelock Detector by UzumApps

Mat – Nesoid (If you can’t find it, email me).

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