AotA 91: Nemesis


“Get your credit card ready kids, I know I will be.”

Welcome to episode 91 of Attack of the Androids. Mat Lee here with Eric Finkenbiner and Nick Carroll talking the latest Android news. Be sure to join us for the live show on AotA TV every Tuesday evening around 6pm PT / 9pm ET. On tonight’s episode we talk about the new Motorola Droids, Cyanogenmod Nemesis, Voice Plus, the new Nexus 7, Android 4.3, Ouya developer numbers, and so much more. Plus our app picks! Thanks for checking out the show, and be sure to join us next Tuesday for another episode. Here’s the show notes.

Verizon and Motorola had an event and unveiled three new droids. The Droid Ultra, Maxx and Mini. What’s the difference between them besides the price? Check out the hands on article here on Android Police.

Have you guys seen the Cyanogenmod Nemesis video? What in the world could you possibly speculate this is? A phone? New features? Cm for iPhone? Ok, now we’re just being silly. Droid Life has an article about it here.

The latest Cyanogenmod nightlies now have Voice Plus. This will allow you the ability to send SMS messages through Google Voice accounts using any SMS app you want. Phandroid has an article about it here.

Eric proves he’s almost decent at multitasking. Almost.

Apparently the new Nexus 7 could have launched in May, but the stores had way too many first gen models, so they had to drop the price a bit and sell those, then we’ll sell the new ones. Android Authority has an article about it here.

Random reboots are the WORST.

What’s new in Android 4.3? Android Authority has a great article about it here. I’m sure by the time this episode comes out, we will all have lots more information. Let’s talk about it in our Google+ community.

Eric shares with us more OUYA love. Some OUYA developers share some numbers on this IGN article. Not too bad considering how long it’s been out. Listen to us try and make sense of numbers. Good times.

Did I mention I’m going to Defcon this year? Join us in Las Vegas August 1st through the 4th. It’s going to be so hot, and so fun.

AotA app picks for episode 91

Nick – Riptide GP2 by Vector Unit

Eric – Minecraft Pocket Edition by Mojang

Mat – Quadropus Rampage by Butterscotch Shenanigans

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