AotA 89: Android Bug


“Hey, you changed the terms of service, and I want out.”

Thanks for checking out episode 89 of Attack of the Androids, our most awesome weekly Android podcast. Mat Lee here with Eric Finkenbiner and Nick Carroll talking the latest Android news including Eric’s Paranoid Android review, cheap Nexus 7’s, what is a Clearpixel, the most awesome Galaxy Note 2 ever, get out of your Sprint contract, and a bug in Android affecting 99% of devices? Can it really be? All this plus our app picks for episode 89 of Attack of the Androids. Thanks for checking us out! Join us every Tuesday evening for the live show on AotA TV.

Eric tried out the Paranoid Android rom for his Nexus 4. Check it out here on XDA if you want to try it out. Do you like PIE controls?

If you want the Nexus 7, now might be the time to buy one or two. The price is down since the new Nexus 7 is coming out. Android Police has an article here about where you can get them.

What do you know about the Clearpixel? Yet another marketing term designed to build buzz? Or does this thing actually do something? Android Beat has an article about it here. Sony also did something like this a while ago. Check out the Tech Crunch article about it here.

How much storage does your Galaxy Note 2 have? I bet it doesn’t have as much as this guy. Check out this cool mod on XDA.

Eric has a quick PSA for those of you on Sprint. If you want to get out of your contract, now is the time. Read more about it here on Android Authority.

Do you remember the Skyfire browser? If you have it installed on your device and can remove it, you might want to. Check out the article here on Geek. In other news, I wrote an article comparing Android browsers quite a while ago here on Groovypost.

If you have an OUYA, you can now get Sonic 4! At least episode’s one and two. The poopy thing is you have to pay for each episode. Stop selling games like that.

Did you see this Android bug that is supposedly affecting 99% of devices? Android Authority has an article about it here. Of course Google has pushed out a fix, but good luck getting your carriers to update in a timely fashion. This is more to scare you than anything. Assuming you’re using Google Play and not one of the many third party stores. Eric also reminds us about Market Enabler.

So I ended up being able to unroot, relock, and flash a stock Verizon rom on the Galaxy Nexus I sent back. The Galaxy Nexus toolkit is pretty awesome, I definitely recommend it if you don’t like doing this stuff by hand. Always support good developers.

In Android gaming news, check out the poor man’s Nvidia Shield. It’s called the MOGA. Get your MOGA for $49.99.

My favorite podcast player Beyondpod has a beta out that supports Feedly and drops Google Reader. If your feeds stopped updating, you might have a setting checked that says pull from Google Reader. Go into each feed settings and uncheck that box, or download the beta and start using Feedly. You should also check out the episode sync option in the new beta, for syncing episodes and where you were in each episode across multiple devices. Good stuff. Check out Beyondpod in the Play Store.

AotA app picks for episode 89

Eric – Android System PRO by GIDO-Solution

Nick – Blue Board by Alienman Tech

Mat – DNS Changer by Eddy Pey

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