AotA 85: Google Keyboard


“It sounds like an episode of cops, but it’s not, it’s just OUYA.”

Thanks for checking out episode 85 of our weekly Android podcast, AotA. This is Attack of the Androids, and I’m Mat Lee. On tonight’s episode we have Eric Finkenbiner, Seth Heringer, Nick Carroll and Patrick Jordan hanging out to talk about the latest Android news, hardware and roms. Join us as we discuss iOS 7, E3 Android gaming consoles, Google buying Waze, the Facebook Home flop, Paranoid Android’s Halo, Acer Android computers, and so much more. Plus this week’s app picks! Thanks for checking out AotA! Here’s some show notes.

Now that Eric mentions it, I wonder who really does run the Android underground. Surely it isn’t me, although I’ll hold the position until someone else steps in. You should probably be a developer if you are going to lead, and I don’t develop, at least not code.

We spend quite a bit of time talking about iOS 7. Nothing to see here, move along. This is a very interesting discussion to me for some reason. People are so passionate about their devices, like they have some major personal stake in this or something. The more you use one or the other, the more locked into that ecosystem you become with your apps, movies, music, etc…

When these announcements happen, lots of people like to write comparison articles. Here’s some links to the articles I found talking about this. Know Your Mobile, Business Insider, The Star, Droid Life, NBC News, and of course, this cool Tumblr Patrick shared with us, Jony Ive Redesigns Things.

Patrick brings up an article on GigaOm written by Kevin C. Tofel talking about how borrowing is ok.

We’re finally there, we’ve made it! Our show name is kind of in this article on PC Mag about E3 and Android console gaming.

Speaking of Android gaming, this could quite possibly be one of the best hundred dollar consoles ever made. I think it’s safe to say we all want a Hyperkin Retron 5. Best name ever. Android Police has an article about it here.

Does stuff like this seriously happen? Did someone really park a large truck in front of the OUYA stand? I guess that’s what happens when you put your stand outside. Maybe next year, E3 will let them inside.

Mad Catz also has a horse in this race. Its called the M.O.J.O. What does that stand for? I honestly have no idea. Google it.

Google might buy Waze. I think this is cool, being a Wazer myself. I even wrote an article about it back in the day. What is the reason behind this? Is Waze really worth 1.3 Instagrams? I think so, Eric does not. This is a bubble, and Eric is going to burst it.

So Facebook Home was a pretty decent flop? Go figure. Although I am intrigued by the whole overlay chat heads thing. Facebook should really go back and focus on making their native Android and iOS apps suck less. Facebook is also going to change the way they distribute Home, once they finish fixing the bugs.

If you want to see what Chat Head style notifications can really do in Android, check out Paranoid Android’s  Halo, which is now open source. You should watch the video, Halo is awesome.

If you happen to be one of the hundred people using Verizon FIOS, there is now an app for that. Oh Verizon.

Check out this Acer Android computer, with a 21 inch display. Those are the only specs revealed, but still cool nonetheless. Would you use an Android computer?

You need a good balance of ego, being a dick, and hubris. Let’s do some app picks.

AotA app picks for episode 85

Eric – Final Fantasy IV by SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.

Nick – Google Keyboard by Google Inc.

Patrick – Feedly by Feedly Team

Seth – Feed Baby Pro by Penguin Apps

Mat – Google Keyboard by Google Inc.

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