AotA 80: In the Shower


“I would say it’s a good fair mix of both ranting and raving.”

Here’s episode 80 of our weekly Android show, AotA. Mat Lee here joined by Eric Finkenbiner, and Ant Pruitt. Happy 80 to us all. On tonight’s episode we talk about some Google Glass reviews, tablets dying in five years, Microsoft’s new Android app, Verizon’s worthless cloud services, the shiny polished Facebook Home, Paranoid Android, and some Android 4.3 rumors. All this plus our app picks for episode 80 of Attack of the Androids. Thanks for checking it out!

There’s been a couple Google Glass reviews popping up online. Most notably the Robert Scoble shower scene, and his review on Google+, and of course, Tim Steven’s review on Engadget. There were also a couple of reviews we didn’t really talk about on the show, because they are a bit older. But if you want to check them out, Joshua Topolsky from The Verge has an early Glass review here, as does Drew Olanoff here on Tech Crunch.

Thorsten Heins, the Blackberry CEO says tablets are not a good business model, and will be dead in five years. I don’t know about that, sounds like someone is making excuses for why their tablet is dead.

Speaking of Glass, there was a Twitter card spotted out in the wild. This is kind of cool, it’s good to see more developers working on Glassware.

Microsoft has a new Android app in the Play Store. They want you to switch to Windows Phone, and they show you apps that you already have on your Android device, that you could use on your Windows Phone. This is laughable at best. Nice try Microsoft. Here’s an article on The Verge about it.

You would think Verizon has better things to do with it’s time than making more apps and services that are already out there, and no one will ever use. They seem to spend more time creating bloatware than anything else these days. Check out the article here on PC World.

Huge thanks to Richard Hay’s friend who sent me a G1. It’s so old and cool, I love it. Let’s all reminisce for a minute.

Matias Durate had some really nice things to say about Facebook Home. Nice and polished, as it should be. I hope the people making skins and UI overlays for Android can take a long hard look at what Facebook has done here, and do that. Also make it optional, so we can turn off your crapware when we don’t want it.

Paranoid Android has added some  chat head like notifications and multitasking to their latest custom rom. This is actually really cool, I hope to see more design like this in the future. Check out the article here on Phandroid.

More rumours the next version of Android is going to be 4.3. It’s not going to be Key Lime Pie. We’ll see what really happens at Google IO this month.

Laptop Mag has an article about speeding up your Android device in under five minutes. Usually these articles are crap, but there is some good advice in here you might not be aware of. Clear your app cache!

AotA app picks for episode 80

Ant – Fitocracy Fitness Game & Tracker by Fitocracy Inc.

Eric – Unity Launcher Free by Omkar Deshmukh

Mat – Friendcaster by OneLouder Apps

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