AotA 79: Idiot Friends


“I can get fart apps for free.”

Thanks for checking out episode 79 of our weekly Android show, AotA. Mat Lee here joined by Eric Finkenbiner, Ant Pruitt, Richard Hay and Chris Miller. Join us as we analyze Android news and reviews this week, including Facebook Home, Sony’s AOSP for the Xperia Z, Android malware, the HTC One, the Asus Cube Google TV, this week’s app picks and so much more. Check us out on our Google+ community and write us a super awesome review in iTunes. Thanks for check out Attack of the Androids.

Here’s another article talking about how easy it is to switch your mobile device ecosystem. This one is about making the switch from iPhone to Android. Thanks Cnet!

Let’s talk a little bit more about Facebook Home. I’ll cut them a little slack because it’s new. I do honestly like the new Facebook Messenger update, utilizing the chat heads. Facebook Messenger is the only Facebook app I have installed on my Galaxy Nexus. The normal Facebook app was being a giant PILE. If we were playing Better or Worse, it would get a big giant WORSE. PC Mag has an article about Facebook Home here. Take note of the one star comments on the Facebook Home app page on Google Play. Quite amusing.

Here’s an interesting article on Tech Crunch about Sony releasing some AOSP love for the Xperia Z. Of course nothing is perfect, and it is lacking in some areas.

Gizmodo has an article outlining five simple ways to keep your Android device malware free.

That’s cool and all Gizmodo, but I also wrote a couple of articles about this sort of thing. Hey Giz, maybe you should hire me or something! Anyway, check out my article about how to prevent yourself from becoming part of an Android botnet, and a few Android security apps you shouldn’t ever install. We’re calling out all the writers tonight.

Since we’re talking about mobile security, check out this amazing (sarcastic) article on Read Write. It’s about how to tell if you’re Android smartphone is infected. This is the best list ever.

Check out this article on Tech News World about using your old crappy Android devices for high tech security. Yeah right. There is absolutely nothing winning about using a Droid X as your surveillance camera. Granted Wifi Analyzer and G-Mon are very handy for doing a little wardriving here and there, but that’s about it.

The HTC One is cool, but I’m really not down with the button layout. Home should be in the middle, where it freaking belongs. Not your stupid logo. Plus I’ve been spoiled with Nexus devices, so anything less than a pure Android or CyanogenMod experience is completely unacceptable. HTC has apparently done what Google wouldn’t. Check out the article on The Verge here.

If you need a cool app to control your keyboard and mouse from your Android device, check out Gmote 2.0. I use this app on the daily.

Engadget has an article reviewing the new Asus Cube Google TV. Not bad, but not really all that great. Then again, TV is dead to me. Give me a good computer monitor any day.

Eric Schmidt had some great quotes in an interview on Radio 4’s World at One. Check out the article here.

AotA app picks for episode 79

Ant – Snabbit: Snake reinvented by TapCat

Chris – Key Ring Reward Cards by Mobestream Media

Richard – Field Trip by NianticLabs@Google

Mat – Lazors by Pyrosphere

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