AotA 72: Panic in Google’s Headquarters


“Their network might suck, but I like some of their business practices.”

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening, depending on the time you’re checking out the latest and greatest episode of our weekly Android podcast, AotA. Mat Lee here with Seth Heringer, Shane Brady, a very worried Eric Finkenbiner, and Ant Pruitt talking about the latest Android phones, tablets and apps. On episode 72 we talk about the new HTC One, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Ubuntu Touch Preview on Eric’s Nexus 4, the Pwnie Express Pwn Pad, some Google / Samsung business politics, and HTC’s FTC problem. All this plus our app picks and so much more on episode 72 of Attack of the Androids. Thanks for listening!

Seth shares this hands on from the Verge of the new HTC One. They’ve definitely done something a little different here, but will it be enough to keep up? Do you like your speakers in the front or the rear? For smartphone photographers, does their Ultrapixel camera excite you at all? Also, can we please agree to stop messing with the button layout? How annoying is that? It’s super annoying.

Is anyone excited about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8? Here’s a quick article from the announcement at Mobile World Congress on Wired.

Eric wrote a piece over at aGNUdomain Unplugged about the new Ubuntu Touch preview. He tested it out a bit on his Nexus 4. Check out the article here. Is there room for another mobile OS? Seth says not really and hates on open source, Eric gets his feelings hurt.

Check out this awesome new hack tablet from Pwnie Express. It’s the new Pwnie Express Pwn Pad. Send me one to play with / review, because that would be awesome. OMGDroid has an article about it here.

James Kendrick on ZDnet wrote that Google and it’s partners should be afraid of Samsung’s Android dominance. They might also be getting too big for their britches, as Ant would say. Google does have a few cards up it’s sleeve, but is it going to be enough to make Samsung back off and work it out? We’re pretty sure they will.

Eric shares with us an update from the Carrier IQ scandal, mobile security, HTC and the FTC’s wonderfully vague ruling. You can read the ruling here, or check out the article on Read Write Mobile here. Is this really the government’s job? Shane doesn’t really think so.

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AotA app picks for episode 72

Eric – DashClock Widget by Roman Nurik

Seth – Knots 3D by Nynix LLC

Shane – Plex for PlexPass by Plex, Inc.

Ant – MyScript Calculator by Vision Objects

Mat – SeriesGuide Show Manager by Uwe Trottmann

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