AotA 70: Mobile Gaming Phenomenon


“I’m not a developer so I know I’ve never heard of it.”

Here we go with another great episode of Attack of the Androids. Yep, you guessed it, this is our weekly Android podcast. Mat Lee here with Eric, Ant and Shane. Well for half the show at least. Join us as we discuss the Android news of the week including the Ouya, android gaming development, the Gamestick, some Android security, some CyanogenMod updates, Google Glass, this week’s app picks and so much more. As always, thanks for listening!

Some more awesome Ouya news coming out of the people who’ve gotten their developer console so far. Engadget has a cool article with some developer interviews about the early Ouya console revision. Keeping with the Ouya news, word on the street is they will be sold at Best Buy and Gamestop for right around $99. Cant’ wait to get one! Android Authority has the article here.

Also in the Android gaming discussion, have you guys seen the Gamestick? Check it out here on their site, It’s running Jellybean and it’s only $79. It will remain to be seen how well the controller actually works. Send us one and we’ll review it.

One more mobile gaming story, Gamestop is opening up a mobile game development arm and tossing about ten million to get mobile developers going. Check out the article here on Phandroid.

Let’s talk some Android security. Did you see this article about cross platform malware that starts on your Android device and then jumps to your desktop when you plug in the USB? Watch your back out there, it’s a cold world. Watch what you install and you shouldn’t have a problem. Here’s an Android pro tip, if your device is slow, installing an app is most likely not going to speed it up any. Maybe try uninstalling some apps.

I made the jump on my Galaxy Nexus from the CyanogenMod 10 stable to the latest CM 10.1 M release. These our the monthly releases that generally work well enough for a day to day device, depending on what your doing. Jellybean 4.2.1 is pretty sweet. Speaking of updates, Android Police have an article about new 4.2.1 code getting pushed out to AOSP.

Google Glass finally appears in FCC filings. We all speculate about this cool project. Android Headlines has the article here.

Let’s talk Jellybean adoption rates. When do you stop supporting legacy hardware. Why are you all still running Gingerbread? Go out and buy a new Android device and get yourself some Jellybean love. Or, you know, go get an iPhone or something. The Next Web has an article about it here.

Keeping in some security news, Wired has an article about why it’s pretty much the carriers fault that most people are on an old Android OS.

AotA app picks for episode 70

Eric – Music Off by uTopia

Mat – Predators by Fox Digital Entertainment, Inc

Ant – Sleep Talk Recorder by MadinSweden

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