AotA 64: One More Time


“Prevention is the best medicine, so don’t download dumb stuff.”

Hey what’s going on everyone? It’s another week almost finished and another episode of our weekly Android podcast, AotA. Mat Lee here, on tonight’s episode joined by Eric, Shane, and Joey discussing the week’s Android news, including Hootsuite acquiring Seesmic, some patent updates, some words from Larry Page, another study hating on Android security, app updates, and of course, this week’s app picks. All this and more on episode 64 of Attack of the Androids. Thanks for checking out the show, keep reading for notes and links.

Hootsuite acquired Seesmic back in September. I’ve been a loyal Seesmic user for quite a while. But now, for some reason, Seesmic won’t post to Facebook anymore. What’s up with that?

Who’s ready for some Patent Wars? Eric shares an article from Android Police about the invalidation of the Apple software patent regarding touchscreen heuristics.

On the other side, why do you think Apple and Google are going in on the Kodak patents together? Both sides could easily purchase them on their own.

Android Community has an article about the Larry Page Fortune interview. Do you think we’ll see a Motorola Nexus device sometime soon?

Joey shows off his Motorola Razr with Lapdock. It’s actually kind of cool I think. Check out the Hangout rerun to see what we’re talking about.

Here’s another study showing a weakness in Google’s Android Security Service. As users, you should be a little smarter. Let’s not completely rely on algorithms.

Google updated the Search App, and with it some more new Google Now cards. Here’s a list of them all so far.

Joey has a (drink) Republic Wireless update. The RW blog has more information.

Some more updates on the hacked LG Nexus 4 LTE stuff. Android Authority has an article about it here. This is going to get really nerdy, I’m glad we have such large geeks and nerds like Eric on the show. Thanks Eric!

Joey shares with us some startling information about the number of Yahoo Mail users. Do you guys really use that? Well, Android Police has a piece on the Yahoo! Mail app update. In other news, does anyone remember Yahoo Messenger?

Grand Theft Auto III Vice City was launched, then promptly removed from the store. Apparently it wasn’t quite ready yet. Hopefully it will be soon. Android Police has the article here.

YouTube also updated their app, now with ten inch tablet support. It’s pretty sweet. Android Central has the article here.

AotA App Picks for episode 64

Shane – Snapseed by Nik Software, Inc.

Eric – TerraTime by Udell Enterprises, Inc

Joey – Carbonite Mobile by Carbonite (update)

Mat – Earth-Now by Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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