AotA 61: Insults and Jokes


“We have to just like this, because it’s DNA man.”

Welcome to Attack of the Androids, our weekly Android podcast. Mat Lee here with Joey Kelley, Eric Finkenbiner and Shane Brady to discuss some fun filled informative Android news. Now with more sound effects! I would also like to personally apologize for Shane’s weird buzz sound. I probably could have edited it out more, but I wanted you all to enjoy it as much as I did. On tonight’s episode we talk about Google improving Hangouts, Android 4.2-gate, the Droid DNA, some Republic Wireless updates, HTC VS Apple, OpenFeint, vegans, and of course our app picks for the week. Thanks for listening!

Google is always making Hangouts better, and on tonight’s episode we really put that to the test. Do you think it improved the hangout experience? It sure did make it more fun.

Android 4.2-gate has begun! Have you noticed any problems? Here’s some of the more noticeable errors people encountered over on Android Police. Random reboots anyone?

Dude, Eric got his Nexus Q finally. Let’s have a huge round of applause for the Nexus Q. Google is right, sound effects are fun.

The Nexus 7 and 10 don’t support Miracast. People are angry. Here’s the Google Group.

If you got a Nexus 4, rest assured it will NEVER be LTE. Here’s a cool article on Android Central about a LTE chip found inside the Nexus 4.

In corrections, my girlfriend’s Huawei is running Android 2.3.6. My bad.

The Droid DNA has apparently upped the ante. I still don’t know what that means. Touch this DNA. By the way, Eric has some beef with this article. Enjoy!

Get ready to drink, because Joey has some Republic Wireless updates from All Things D.

HTC’s Peter Chou isn’t very happy about the $6 to $8 per phone people have been speculating online. Android Central has a good article about it here.

Everyone shout for joy and pour out a little for OpenFeint. It’s going buh bye. Joystiq has an article about it here.

Joey shares with us some info about the Motorola Droid Razr and a keyboard dock. Please give Shane a moment to adjust his mic.

AotA App Picks for episode 61

Joey – Grand Theft Auto III by Rockstar Games

Eric – SuperGNES by Bubble Zap Games

Shane – Amazon Santa by Amazon Mobile

Mat – SHADOWGUN: DeadZone by MADFINGER Games

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