AotA 60: A Hangout Within a Hangout


“It’s in the top ten son!”

Hello and welcome to another episode of AotA. Hope you’ve enjoyed these past 60 episodes, and we look forward to continuing to bring you weekly Android coverage. I’m Mat Lee joined by Joey Kelley, Shane Brady, and Ant Pruitt this evening. For episode 60 we discuss the Google Playground crashing, the HTC Droid DNA, the new YouTube Google TV update, Ubuntu for Android, Android 4.2, and of course, the Motorola Strap On. All this plus our app picks for episode 60 of AotA. Keep on reading for links to articles and our app picks.

How many of you got the Nexus 4 or Nexus 10 before they sold out or crashed the Playground? Android Authority has an article here. The Play Store had a few problems, but really is that a bad thing? Sure, they should have made a few more right?

Check out the new HTC Droid DNA. Just another Android device with a pretty awesome screen. How do you feel about HTC Android devices? The Verge has a cool hands on here.

What would you look like holding a meaty six inch device to your head?

Check out this new YouTube update. How many Google TV users do we have listening to AotA? PC World has an article about it here. Shane says this makes a really good YouTube remote. The content on YouTube is getting pretty awesome. It’s more than random cat videos.

How do you feel about Ubuntu for Android? Ant doesn’t quite see the point in it yet. PC World has a cool video and article here. Just imagine Angry Birds with a mouse! Let’s discuss the difference between emulation VS native. Yea, we pretty much geek out on this for the rest of the show.

If you installed the hacked Android 4.2 Google Apps, you might need to re-flash your device before you get the full Android 4.2 OTA update. At least that’s what happened to Shane.

Speaking of Android 4.2, XDA Developers forum has a great piece about Android 4.2 hitting AOSP, and the SDK getting updated. Check it out here.

How do you feel about lock screen widgets? Ant seems to think it might be a bit of a security problem. Joey brings to light a potential problem in the medical industry with this.

Here’s the link to the Android Developers Blog introducing Android 4.2 Jellybean.

What do you know about this crazy looking Motorola device that you “strap on” to your head. Yeah, I went there.

AotA App Picks for episode 60

Ant – Movember Mobile by Movember

Joey – Shoot Bubble Deluxe by City Games LLC.

Shane – Photosphere… Get Android 4.2.

Mat – Jaws Revenge by Fuse Powered Inc.

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