AotA 57: War Parking


“Android was right, a bigger phone is better, and a smaller tablet is better.”

Ladies and gents, boys and girls, welcome to another fun filled Android focused episode of Attack of the Androids. Mat Lee here joined on this episode by Joey Kelley, Shane Brady, Seth Heringer and Ant Pruitt. Make sure you are subscribed to the show in iTunes, and interact with us on all the social networks with buttons on the upper right. On tonight’s episode we discuss the Apple iPad Mini, along with other some other Apple announcements, the Android event announcement coming October 29th with more confirmed specs for the LG Nexus device, a discussion about smartphone power management, Verizon’s $49 Galaxy Nexus, do apps make you smoke or leak personal data? Find out all about this plus our app picks on this week’s episode of Attack of the Androids. Thanks for listening.

Shane discusses the Apple announcement, focused on the iPad Mini, and the new iMac. Yes, we know this isn’t really Android. Deal with it. Here’s an article from Cnet about it.

Some confirmed specs on the upcoming LG Nexus device, and some other rumors about what we might see at the Google Android event on October 29th.

How do you keep your smartphone powered all day? How many hours do you actually get? Leave us a comment!

Verizon has dropped the price to $49 for a Galaxy Nexus. This is a great price for this phone, unless you would rather wait to get the new one.

Here’s a little something for fun. Shit Android Fanatics Say. How many of these have you heard us say on the show?

Do apps make you smoke? Here’s a weird quirky story that states perhaps apps promote smoking. What is the world coming to… Oh wait, have you ever heard of parents?

Researchers once again say they have found a bunch of apps on the Google Play Store that leak personal data under certain circumstances. Can you say Man in the Middle?

Seth hops in for the rest of the episode to share his thoughts on the LG Nexus, the iPad Mini, and what’s coming out soon to get excited about. Don’t get your hopes up.

If you don’t have a large bezel, how the heck do you hold your device. Most of us have thumbs, and we need somewhere to put them.

AotA App Picks for episode 57

Joey – Bridge Architect Beta by ReActivE

Shane – At Bat Lite by MLB Advanced Media

Seth – Broken Sword: Director’s Cut by Revolution Software ltd

Ant – NFC Task Launcher by Tagstand

Mat – SoundCloud by SoundCloud

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