AotA 54: Incompatibility


“Hey Woz, it can. It’s called DoubleTwist.”

Welcome to Attack of the Androids. This is episode 54. Mat Lee hosting along with Seth Heringer, Joey Kelley and Shane Brady. On tonight’s episode we talk about a new Samsung Phone of the Moment, CyanogenMod not being on Rom Manager anymore, OpenWebOS on a Transformer Prime, rumors of a new Nexus phone, Jellybean and ICS getting on some more devices, custom roms, LTE rocks, the Nexus Q, and of course, this week’s app picks.

Seth gives us the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as this weeks phone of the moment. Check it out here on Android Central.

If you have a Transformer Prime and want to try something different, this kid got OpenWebOS to run. Now, what would you do with it?

With ICS and Jellybean combined, they are on more than 25% of Android devices.

Are we going to see a new Nexus device? Here’s a rumor for you!

CyanogenMod ditches Rom Manager in favor of OTA updates. Cool right?

HTC is finally pushing some new phones over to Jellybean. But that’s not all, you also get a super sweet sense 4 upgrade. (That was sarcasm, just in case you were wondering.)

The Woz says he wishes iTunes could run on Android. Well, you can’t win them all.

Apparently the way Nikon put Android on the Cool Pix S800c, they completely did it wrong. What were you thinking?

Hey Eric, I think Shane has your Nexus Q.

AotA App Picks for episode 54

Seth – Smart Tools by Smart Tools co.

Joey – Mini Motor Racing by The Binary Mill

Shane – Field Trip by NianticLabs @ Google

Mat – Flow Free by Big Duck Games

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