AotA 53: Facepalm


“I don’t even know if we can help this gentleman.”

Another week gone by, another episode of your favorite weekly Android podcast, Attack of the Androids. Mat Lee here joined by Joey Kelley, Eric Finkenbiner and Shane Brady. We have a fantastic episode for you, including such thought provoking discussions such as what to do with a fake chinese iPhone 4, some Samsung Galaxy SIII Jellybean updates, the Samsung Factory Reset Hack, Apple stealing a Swiss clock design, from the 40’s, Samsung’s mobile browser experiment, some more alleged Galaxy Nexus 2 rumors, Motorola chnages their software upgrade timeline, the Wikipad, find out which mobile operating system developers prefer, a new bit called Better or Worse, and a great quote from Eric Schmidt telling Apple they should have probably stuck with Google Maps. All this and so much more, plus this week’s app picks on episode 53 of Attack of the Androids.

You can always ask us questions via the many social networks we lurk on, just make sure when you do, you include all the pertinent information that would allow us to be more helpful. For some other Android resources, check out the XDA Developers site, Rootzwiki, and the Android Porting Google Group.

Samsung is finally pushing out Jellybean to it’s Galaxy S III.

Watch out, if you have a Samsung Galaxy S III, it might be vulnerable to a factory reset hack. Android Police has a good article about this, giving you more information than this NBC News article. Apparently this has been fixed for a bit, but that won’t stop NBC News from getting as many clicks as it can from this headline.

Good artists copy, great artists steal, right Apple? Where did you get that snazzy new “OLD” iOS 6 clock from? The Swiss of course. They make the best clocks!

In more Samsung news, we have reports coming out they are working on their own mobile browser. Do you think this is really something Samsung should be spending their time and resources on? Personally, I do not.

Check out some more alleged Galaxy Nexus 2 rumors over on Android Authority. Is anyone excited about this device, or not yet?

Motorola has changed it’s software upgrade timeline, filled with delays left and right. This is another great reason why you should be using custom roms.

Would you make the switch to the new iPhone? This fun little survey thinks you just might. What does that even mean? Your numbers are confusing me.

Which operating system do developers prefer? Some say fragmentation is hurting Android. I don’t see it.

I don’t know why, but I really want a Wikipad. It’s like an oversized Android Game Gear. How cool is that? Maybe not $500 cool, but still pretty damn cool.

Eric Schmidt comes out with a quote telling Apple they should have probably stuck with Google Maps. Oh well, you can’t win them all.

Welcome to a new bit we’re doing on Yet Another Tech Show, as well as this show, called Better or Worse. Tonight’s app is the Google Books update, and the answer is better. Much, much better.

AotA App Picks for episode 53

Joey – Stunt Car Challenge by Hyperkani

Eric – Chameleon Launcher for Tablets by Chameleon Launcher

Shane – Car Home Ultra by TheSpinningHead

Mat – Six-Guns by Gameloft

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