AotA 52: The I is Strong


“These tech reporters live vicariously through Apple’s success.”

Hello and welcome to episode 52 of our weekly Android podcast, Attack of the Androids. Mat Lee here joined this week by a whole bunch of people. Come listen to Joey Kelley, Shane Brady, Seth Heringer, Eric Finkenbiner, and a little later in the show, Ant Pruitt. We have a great mobile focused discussion starting out with the iPhone 5 announcement, tech reporting and the art of selling out, Android Jellybean growth, locking down Android for children, Android profiles, HTC’s new Android devices, Eric’s Nexus Q update, a cool new Motorola Phone of the Moment, and so much more. Plus this week’s app picks! Thanks for listening!

The iPhone 5 has been announced. Let’s talk about some reviews of it. Is this the embodiment of perfection wrapped up in mobile awesomeness?

Here’s some iPhone 5 specs that people apparently don’t care about. Also, much like those of us on 3G CDMA, you can’t use your data and voice at the same time. Is this a deal killer? For me, not really. It depends on your use case though.

Here’s some numbers on Jellybean growth in the last couple months. What does it all mean?

What do you think about using profiles in Android? To me, it seems like phones and tablets are more personal than a desktop computer. Like, why are you touching my phone?

We have a couple of cool HTC rumors. Check this out, and this.

Eric gives us a fantastic Nexus Q update. You really have to listen to this.

Seth’s Phone of the Moment this week is the Motorola Razr i. Yep, you guessed it, the i stands for Intel. If you’re interested in some Medfield benchmarks, check this out.

What do you guys think of the new Kindle Fire HD? Personally, I’m not that excited about it, but then again, I don’t live in the Amazon ecosystem. Joey and Ant share a link on how it’s already rooted. I guess that’s a plus.

AotA App Picks for Episode 52

Eric – Calibre Companion by MultiPie Ltd

Seth – Hotel Tonight by HotelTonight

Joey – Pocket Frogs by Mobage

Shane – SiriusXM Internet Radio by Sirius XM Radio Inc

Ant Pruitt – Fantasy Football 2012 by NFL Enterprises LLC

Mat – Doodle Jump by GameHouse

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