AotA 50: Eternity in Hell


“Should these things even be granted patents in the first place?”

Come one come all and joyously listen to the 50th episode of our weekly Android podcast, Attack of the Androids. Mat Lee here joined on this momentous occasion by Seth Heringer, Joey Kelley, Eric Finkenbiner, and Shane Brady. It’s almost been a whole year since we first started this show back in the old days when the phrase “Byte Me” was in fashion, then moving on to what we thought were more groovy pastures, and now at our final resting place as part of the Mat Lee network of podcasts. Yeah, I know, we’re still working on a name. It’s been a fantastic experience having the chance to talk to you all each and every week. I just want to give a huge heart felt thank you to all the listeners, fans and friends of all the podcasts we do who have stuck with us through thick and thin, funny and not so fun. We’ve had a lot of laughs while at the same time disseminating a ton of important, educational commentary and information. Thank you so much for listening.

On tonight’s episode we discuss the Apple VS Samsung verdict, patent law in technology, Joey’s new rePublic Wireless phone, rooting and putting CM10 on your Transformer Prime, the new Google Nexus 3G tablet, the Google Play end of Summer Sale, and the Galaxy SIII outselling the iPhone 4S. All this and more plus this week’s app picks on tonight’s episode of Attack of the Androids.

Some updates on the Apple VS Samsung lawsuit. It’s the whole nature vs nurture, innovate vs litigate argument all over again.

Here’s a link to the two CM10 versions and Debugfs on XDA. You will need the Debugfs if you want to root a Transformer Prime that has the latest OTA from Asus. Team EOS 3 or the unofficial Cyanogenmod 10 nightly? You pick. As of right now, I’m on the latest unofficial CM 10 nightly, and it’s super sweet.

Who want’s a new Google Nexus 3G tablet? Personally I’d like one with 4G LTE, but we’re not picky. The rumors say possibly in about six weeks.

Get over to the Google Play store and take advantage of the End of Summer sale. They have a ton of cool apps for cheap! Wait a minute, didn’t summer just start?

There is a Boy Genius report of the Samsung Galaxy SIII outselling the iPhone 4S. We tell you why this makes perfect sense and isn’t really anything to brag about.

AotA App picks for Episode 50

Joey – Dunkin’ Donuts by Dunkin’ Donuts

Seth – Organ Trail: Directors Cut by The Men Who Wear Many Hats

Shane – Terminal IDE by Spartacus Rex

Eric – Package Buddy by Partial Software

Mat – Spirits by Spaces of Play

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