AotA 42: Proof of Concept


“It’s an experiment to see if nerds have deep pockets when it comes to this sort of nostalgic stuff.”

Welcome Android Fan boys and girls to episode 42 of our weekly Android podcast, Attack of the Androids. Mat Lee here, joined by just a couple on this, the day before our great Independence Day. Eric Finkenbiner and Joey Kelley are with me as we discuss the Android news you care about. Make sure you are subscribed to the show and submit stories for the next episode on our AotA Subreddit.

On tonight’s episode we talk about a Phone of the Moment you may already own, a bunch of lawsuit patent B.S., the post PC era we may or may not be living in, a cool new way to get your Android device over to a big screen using Raspberry Pi, a new face in automated testing that sounds like Aflac, and a new extreme scary Android rootkit clickjacking attack. All this plus our app picks on episode 42 of AotA. Thanks for listening and interacting. Tap the read more for more links and commentary.

The phone of the moment this week has to be the Galaxy Nexus again. Not only because it’s a great phone, but because of #BoycottApple on Google Plus. You should all go check out the pictures on that trending topic, they are amazing. It’s still trending as of writing this, and here’s a link to an update from Android Police saying you can no longer get the Galaxy Nexus on the Google Play Store.

Not only did the Galaxy Nexus get banned in the U.S., but so did the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Hey Apple, why are you afraid of competition?

Be afraid, be very afraid. Except that it’s only a proof of concept. This is pretty interesting how it works, without needing a reboot or anything. It’s quite sophisticated. Xuxian Jiang and his team at North Carolina State University have been hammering on Android for a while and have found lots of interesting things. Check out his list of Android security alerts here on his page.

There’s a new kid on the block in regards to automated system testing. You’ve heard of Testdroid, but have you heard of AppThwack? It’s good to see some more competition in this area, especially with all the choices we have in the Android ecosystem.

Joey put up his first blog post over on the Buffer Overflow Show site about why he thinks we’re not ready for tablets yet. The blog is called Memory Leaks. If you don’t know, BOS is a once every other week podcast Joey Kelley and I host. Check it out!

Android Transporter is pretty cool, or it will be once we get our hands on a Raspberry Pi. This allows you to wirelessly stream whatever is on your phone or tablet to an external display. This will be pretty awesome if it works well, once it is released.

Let’s talk about Eric’s final fantasy. This is such a great game, but how much are you willing to pay for it? I can’t bring myself to pay $15.99 for a game I’ve beat on two different systems years ago. Sorry Square Enix. You need to bring your price down to compete with Sonic the Hedgehog, Max Payne, and GTA III.

AotA App Picks for episode 42

Eric – Final Fantasy III by Square Enix

Joey – StayAwake by Runks

Mat – Dead Trigger by Madfinger Games

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I wrote an article on my Google+ about Google’s new History API.

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