AotA 40: Big Pretty Picture


“I’d rather pay the tax than talk to other people.”

Episode number 40 right here, right now! Thanks for catching another AotA. Mat Lee here and with me on this episode of Attack of the Androids is Joey Kelley, Seth Heringer, and filling in for Jeremy and Eric, we have Shane Brady from aNewDomain. On this mid life over the hill extended crisis of an episode we bring you something a little different for the phone of the moment. Also covering those not so happy Motorola Droid Razr and Razr Maxx owners looking forward to an ICS update, Android in the corporate enterprise space, some Microsoft Surface news, a good discussion on this post pc era people keep talking about, some new wireless patents for Google, and the Japanese Android Porn virus. All this and some app picks on episode 40 of Attack of the Androids. Thanks for listening!

This weeks Phone of the Moment (POM), henceforth to be known as the pom pom, is the Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy SIII.

Have you ever heard us pick a Motorola phone for the pom pom? Weird right? Here’s a leak about the Droid Razr HD. What do you think? Drop us a comment.

By the way, the phone Seth originally said was disappointing, he has just pre ordered. I hope we can all appreciate that. Thank you Seth.

Are we excited about the Google Nexus tablet? I think it’s a sexy price point and will hopefully have better hardware than the Kindle Fire.

We should probably talk about the Microsoft Surface announcement. The Verge has a story here and a cool tablet comparison here. Because of your reliance on the .doc, you will always and forever be dependent on Microsoft. Oh, and now that I think about it, there was a cool cheesy sci fi show named Surface. That is now what I am reminded of when I hear the word surface.

We say you can put in work with the Transformer Prime. Do you think it’s a feasible work machine? I would personally like the Transformer AIO. It seems like the best of both worlds.

Do you think Nokia is going to fail? I’m going to guess it’s a possibility. Maybe RIM will save them. Seth thinks they are going to be ok because Microsoft will save them.

Google buys some wireless patents. Will these make their way to Android? Let’s hope so.

Hangouts only crashed once this episode. They call me the Hangout Killa.

Let’s all take a moment real quick to thank all of the games that left Google+. We never wanted you there in the first place.

Shane cranked out a Flipboard for Android first look over on aNewDomain.

Check out Seth’s article over on aNewDomain about why Verizon keeps screwing their customers. We talked about this last week, but Seth is way more tasteful in how he writes than we were with our voices. Thank you for being our voice of reason.

Before we do the app picks, make sure to hurry up over to the Google Play Store for the longest day of the year sale. You can get some awesome stuff for $.99.

AotA App Picks for episode 40

Joey – Megastunt Mayhem by Level Eight

Seth – NBA Jam and Mass Effect Infiltrator Electronic Arts

Shane – Plume by LevelUp Studio

Mat – Dark Legends by Spacetime Studios

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