AotA 35: My Phone is a Circle


“I can’t even tell you how sick of the word fragmentation I am.”

Welcome once again to another episode of our weekly Android podcast, AotA. Mat Lee here, and joining me tonight we have Eric, Jeremy, Joey, and Seth. Be sure to catch AotA live every Tuesday evening on AotA TV and get in on the real time action. We are streaming live on Google+ using Hangouts on Air, which means you can always go back and check out the latest episode in beautiful HD (well almost) living color. It also means you should add Attack of the Androids to your Google+ circles so you can join the hangout. Ask questions, get involved with our discussions, or just sit back and laugh at our witty banter and dislike for the major carriers. On tonight’s episode we talk about HTC OneX variants getting held up at the border, we burst your Google Glasses hopes and dreams bubble, some Android gaming goods, we revisit the Oracle VS. Google trial, and school you guys on how NOT to get bit by mobile flash malware. All this, our app picks, and so much more past the break on this week’s episode of Attack of the Androids.

There is no phone of the moment really, but let’s talk about the HTC OneX variants getting held up at the border over patent issues. It’s a good day to be a lawyer.

Do you have an Android mess in your life? Jeremy tells us about his Android pain.

How do you get rid of the carriers? You do what Google is doing, and get some more direct sales going. Now all you need is some spectrum and you will complete our digital mobile lives. Come on Google, you can do it!

Educate your customers and you might sell some more devices.

Out of all the manufacturers who customize Android, Asus does it the best, in that they allow you to turn almost all of it off. Thank you for being more awesome than the rest Asus.

Check out how much choice we have in the Android community! Fragmentation is the cool new thing to make fun of in the mobile tech community. I guess if that’s all you can find, we’re doing pretty good.

Mobile game developers should start to innovate more, rather than just copyign the same old thing and coloring it differently. Is it our fault for buying the same old crap over and over again? Or is that all we’re offered? Check out my top five game review for some cool new games you might have missed.

The one and only reason Google Glasses needs to exist. 8 bit augmented reality games. Oh yes! Now let’s burst our bubbles. It’s ok, I’m still excited for them.

AotA App Picks for Episode 35

Seth – Machinarium by Hothead Games

Jeremy – CyanogenMod 7.2 RC2 by CyanogenMod

Eric – Word Search by Melimots

Joey – Mobile Andrio by Joerg Jahnke

Mat – Dark Meadow: The Pact by Phosphor Games Studio

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